Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting lost @ Queentown 24th Feb 2013

I studied at Temasek Polytechnic Stirling Road Campus. That was in 93 and about 2 years back I revisited with Francis and afew of my friends. Today, I went back again with new friends. Many places were gone.
The hawker centre @ Margaret drive. Gone. The old hdb beside Queenstown MRT. Gone. 
Still it was quite a nice ride with a twist. No plans, just roam and get "lost". Literally. Like how it was when we all started back in 2010.
We saw many places which I never went and even had a MTB moment. All around Queentown area. A quiet neighbour hood in Singapore. Try it one day... get on a bike and get lost :) Do it quick because these places will not be the same very soon.
More photos of the fun fun ride we did today
Old Queentown Cinema.. still there but don't know for how long
old ping pong table
Florence and Berenda sharing a nice moment
Street art @ Stirling road
First Generation Mail box
Bicycle makes light work of roaming around
Old estate. Watch out for Elderly People. Well done! 
Alex with his Rolleiflex... wow. Been a long time since I see one working!
April with his vintage Bridgestone in Rivendalle style!
old but new
Quiet walkways
Times stand still. This feels like 1980s
The church I pass a zillion times but never went in.. this time, we did
Blessed Sacramenetal Church, Tanglin Halt
Getting lost bonus area... we going MTB!
Where the path leads to?
Abit muddy at times... but sure lots of laughter
Carry your bike!
Andy Yap. Ever the gentleman he is. Cover the rear of the group. Silently and effectively. Thank you. My friend!

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