Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bottle tree to Mandai/Thomson road area ride

Early morning, I woke up around 4ish and couldn't sleep. Guess it must be the milk tea I had at Hongkong style cafe the nite before.  Looking out of the window, I could see storm clouds in the horizon with an occasional lighting. Oh dear, today is going to be a wet ride... so it might be a no show for many...Well, I reasoned, if I am awake, I might as well ride... and maybe take my new tripod to see how I can use it.  Strapped on the tripod to NOb(new old bike) I took the Jalan Bilrat as a shortcut... there was no one except for me.. nice and slow.. enjoying the breeze. I should do this more!
At Bottletree,  The regulars - Francis, Sharon, Wai Tong, Boo, Andy and Mr Teo.... We also have 2 new and very youthful addition of Brandon and Jimm, both riding fixies... Seems like this is the new Skateboard! Chris also showed up in a super duper fierce blood red Ferrari Felt roadbike, all decked up with Aero bars.  He also rode all the way from East coast to join us for the ride. Way to go!
The ride was really relaxing and simple. Follow the PCN to the Zoo and we also did a small detour to see upper seletar reservoir. Then it was to the famous Yishun Ampang niang toufoo to feed our empty fuel tanks. A nice surprising end, Jimm led us to a special shortcut along the canal.. took us to Bottle tree in half the time!  Then it was each his own to walk around the booths or head back for a nice cool beer and shower.  Till the next ride! 
NOB at Jalan Bilrat - 550am 
Seletar Dam 0620am

Bottle tree entrance from PCN
small road to reach Mandai
Sit lah.. I know want to..

L-R Brandon, Jimm, Boo, Wai tong, Sharon, Francis, TW, Mr Teo, Andy and Chris Lim


Brandon and Jimm with their fixies
Boo rode all the way from Bedok!
Famous Yishun  Ampang Yang Tou Foo
Trying to camo

Bottle tree Guppies Killing fields - pay 10 dollars.. and u go catch the poor fellas...:(
u are mine!!
Stalls doing eco stuff


  1. Nice blog TW! Wasn't it tough to climb with the fixies? I have a fixie too and I will join u guys if u promise not much climbing. You know me, right? Haha! Take care TW! Steven

  2. Hey Steven, how are u working on ur hills? haha.. the young chaps make it all so simple... and I was silly enough to use a single speed... not a good idea. But I survived! Hope to see u for the ride soon.. come lah.. I promise I find a flatter route