Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mr Teo and his Customized bike rack on lorry

Now, This is what I call a Super example of commitment! Mr Teo rides and loves riding... so much so that he willingly Tong Pang(fetches) folks around his area to go riding. And to top it off.. he customised his lorry to fit bike racks.. I am not talking Saris bones here.. but custom fabricated in Stainless steel! Mr Teo, u are amazing and thanks for riding along side with us!
Photo by Boo of Mr Teo special rig for bikes 
it works great!
Mr Teo, smiling as always, every ready to lend a hand

special ingredient to riding longer 

check out the detail on the disc

Mr cool dude!


  1. What a fascinating Uncle! Hope I will be as cool as he when I reach his age, which is not far :)

  2. Bro AL, you are one cool dude.... I wish I will stay as young as u when I reach ur age! Roll on!

  3. Cool - that's the best "free bus" I've seen

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