Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We going Ulu Kranji!

Kranji Dam sun rise taken by Oooooze76, Clubsnap

Kranji War Memorial with storm clouds

The Kranji route we riding...
Yes, it is out of the beaten path and to somewhere ulu this coming weekend. No shopping centres, no Starbucks, Mac donalds...  just the fresh crisp air of sleepy ulu Kranji!
We will meet at Kranji MRT at 0730. Place of interest are Kranji war memorial, Railway tracks, Kranji Dam where u can see JB, nice BBC radio tower, Bollywood veggies, maybe Hay dairies if our legs can cope... oh of course there will be lots of greenery and maybe mossies too!  I would strongly suggest u bring more water as I have no clue where I can find water points along the way:)
No lah.. there will be food/drinks stop... at Bollywood. :) Again, no discrimination to wheel size, gear and brands.. all are welcome. All I ask is that u come with an open mind, ride as a group and plenty of smiles.... It should all end by 11ish... if i don't get lost :)

Interested to join us for a ride?  sms me, Taiwoon at 96204559 or email at twwoon@singnet.com.sg


  1. hmm? thanks.. I go check it out! want to ride with us this sunday? I like to meet u in person! :)

  2. This one is so interesting but i won't be able to make it! :(

  3. aiyoh.. sayang leh.... so many places to take photos... never mind lor.. it is all fated. :) There will be future rides lah.. dun worry.

  4. wow! first time i've seen this bike group! can anyone join? i live in the west and have always been looking for fellow riders.

  5. hello bananamatronix, yes! and pls email/text me ur details so we will wait for u! See u sunday!

  6. hello folks.. pls login to this forum link to show ur interest. I think would be easier for me to manage the riders... :)


  7. Your Kranji War Memorial short is award winning lah. Should post it in competition. Captures the somberness of the occassion with dark clouds looming and yet, enough sun light to give fresh hope for the future.

    Well done to the photographer!

  8. yeap.. and today the heavens opened... and gave me something to reflect on when I was riding towards the Kranji memorial...