Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Ah Gu (Great Uncle) who rides

Life is beautiful and amazing. I met Matt on the Kranji ride and he is quite a photographer! What are the chances that he took a photo of my great uncle riding a bike? Well.. that's what he did! Better buy Toto. :)

Abit more of my Ah Gu

My uncle is a simple man and very kind man, who used to have a nose clinic at Race Course road. My childhood days involved hanging around the old clinic which my mum worked as his assistant. I used to cut bales of cotton using this heavy iron cutters, clearing the bloody rubbish and washing the bins. I remember the washroom which is just concrete, the dripping brass tap filling up the big dragon earthen pot. Not too glam.. but that's how I earned my pocket money then. 

Ah Gu would operate on the folks who nose had some "internal growth" He was good, very good. Many came and he would go about in his serene and gentle ways. There was this rows of crazy size nose growth in his clinic which I cannot imagine being inside the noses. But it was. I will try to ask my mum if she still have those photos. 

Fast forward, now that he is old at least 80... he can't continue and retired around the mid 90s if I remember correctly. He also suffered a stroke which he was bed ridden for 2 years and when he recovered somewhat, he took up cycling. He rides daily, slowly around Toa Payoh Lor 8 and Potong Pasir, around the PCN. So if u happen to see him, say hello "ah Gu" and give him a friendly smile and wave. 

Go on.. check it out! That's my Ah Gu!:) Thanks matt for the wonderful pictures! 


  1. I hope I can still ride when I am in my 80s, hopefully with my grandchildren. Can you check with him the model of his Dahon!

  2. OMG! I have went for nose ops before when i was young. I think ur Ah Gu was the one who done the ops for me. cannot confirm as i was too young then.

  3. Hi Tai Woon

    Am wondering how you got your second hand Brompton and who services it?

    Love yr blog and hope to join you one day.



  4. Hello Fly, I got the bike from Togoparts or Diginexx forum... I cant remmeber. Servicing? I do it mainly myself.

    Thanks for the note and I am glad you like it. Do drop me an email so I can keep u posted on the future rides. Hope to see u then

    warm regards

  5. Hi TW

    Was also inspired by your Bintan trip that i outfitted by Dahon foldie with rear rack and panniers and stuff. All ready, just haven't quite ridden very much yet.

    Soon. Already in your forum so am aware of your rides. Thanks.


  6. hahha ..Fly u are set! Now go ride! Join us for a sunday ride too..