Saturday, January 1, 2011 wheels are off!

Good morning 2011!  It is an exciting start for 2011. Momo requested to take out the training wheels on her strawberry bike. We spend the morning downstairs straddling the bike... She fell a few times and whined of course....already can see that she is handling the bike better. I am excited on Momo's progress and will share more soon.
Momo bike without pedals and training wheels

Ready for 2011!


  1. steady lar! What about adding a brooks saddle!

  2. if Momo can put both feet on the ground, she can start "wlaking" with the bike and practice the steering. That's the easier/safer way to learn cycling. I teach many to cycle witin half an hour with this method. Check this out:

  3. thanks francis for the infor! Momo is abit too young and I need to make it fun. Actually see her improving her balance, but her attention span is about 10 min and then she will roam around..and find other things to do.
    Can't wait for the first moment she actually balances and I will capture the golden moment!