Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last day ride of 2010

Last day of 2010...and Lun texted me to ride the night before as he got his new Dahon Foldie. How to disappoint a friend... so we arranged to meet Matt at Fort road to do a leisurely ride to Singapore river area. I also wanted to show Lun the old stadium and a shortcut. However, the Stadium has been torn down and the area is in a whole mess. So sad and glad I got to see the stadium one last time...  u can see the blog entry here

bye bye National Stadium!
As we reached F1 garages, we were pleasantly surprised to see some nice giant mobile sculptures.. I think they are for the Chingay procession. The workers were busy preparing them and we got up close and personal to see how they made them. Great stuff!  Lun was very surprised at the rate of the changes happening in the city and remarked only with a bike that he can cover so much ground and see all the stuff in detail...yes, thats why I love bikes! For those who havent tried this route... pls go and see the beautiful marina bay area and ride along the SG river.. it is a must go route. On the return leg, we found this old warehouse near Martin road where according to Lun, it used to be a very popular tea dance place...and we explored the inside. It was empty and nice place for photography. Later, we even visited TR bikes at lor batu... and found Sitoh good friend fixing his bike..He also showed us the true way to stop a fixie... using his shoes! Personally, I still prefer my brakes.. but thats no street cred :)....  So there....a nice relax ride with 2 friends on foldies. Thank you 2010 for a wonderful year! Hello 2011!
More photos here
Matt and Lun with mobile sculptures
Carved from Foam
3bikes and the new garden park
Lun and his Dahon
Zipping in the warehouse
Tinkering away at TR bikes
Chris Yee showing his special braking method
Really... I saw him do that... 

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