Saturday, January 8, 2011

What to do if u have 1 hour to spare...

Momo is taking up Violin lessons at Sim Lim area and I need to wait for about 1 hour around town. So boring....what am I going to do? Luckily, I got Carryme in my van, parked at Waterloo street and did abit of SG City touring. Riding towards the SAM, I turn left towards City hall MRT station. There are see many historical sites around area. Raffles hotel, Civilian war memorial, Tan Kim Seng Fountain, Cenotaph, Indian National Army monument, Esplande, Fullerton hotel and of course the good ole Merlion. Pedal abit....stop....look, snap photo...repeat....
Hey, 1 hour passed... Got to head back to fetch my girl and get my Timbuk2 handlebar bag from Lifecycle.  This is only made possible with Carryme!  more photos here

"they died that we might live" 
CM posing with a very amused Gentleman

Tan Kim Seng fountain -- more here
CM looking at Rose tinted glasses


  1. perfect for the city travel ride! =)

  2. hello Joel, yes it is... shiok!

  3. Great place to ride...!! Can bike across cavenage bridge? If can't. Can we just push bike to across bridge? Sometimes, i afraid many notice board on street. I don't want to be fined.

  4. @Darren, I got a singapore phrase for u.. "Do but don't get caught"