Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Kampong and Jalan Kayu roti prata ride account

Friends at Kampong Buangkok... 3rd Jan 2011
      video by GL
What a good way to start 2011! 20 friends met up at Punggol MRT station to explore the Ulu north eastern part of Singapore.  Again, it was a mix of foldies, single speed, Puglesy, fixies, MTB coming together...very rojak (mixed) but fun, zany bunch of people.
Waiting to start...chatting and laughing
Wailing with her bike, ready to roll!
Wailing very cute paul frank helmet
A short throw from the train station was the Matilda House built in 1902 for the Cashin family. Sparing the rest of my history ramblings, you can find out more infor on the house here

GL, Wailing, Brandon.....bashing into the lallang to reach Matilda house
On a bright sunny morning, it didn't look as scary as I have read in the web. I passed by the house many times in the dead of the night on my daily night ride, and I was actually frightened to go near it. But , today with so many brave souls exploring with me.. the fear somehow disappeared(yah I know I chicken). Some of the more gungho ones went in and look at the house close and personal. It must be a really cool and fun place to live in.... I could imagine children laughing and running around the compound. But all there is now is just a house structure, quiet, rundown and empty.
Montage MTB is useful in rough showed by Derrek

Joel and his all terrain Carryme!
We then rode along Punggol Drive to check out the "in-progress" Punggol waterway and PCN. Most were very impressed by the wooden plank way and the general comments was that it felt very different.. almost like oversea alfresco feeling. I think when the PCN is done... it will be a big hit with the folks staying nearby and I will do a ride to explore this place more too.
Pungol PCN almost ready...wooden decking and check out the view!

Steven looking tired from all the partying

The route to the Kampong Buangkok was a mixure of PCN and pathways. Nice shady trees sheltered us from the morning sun as we rode slow and relaxed.

In about half hour we turned into the Kampong. Strangely, this time the dogs didnt bark..maybe there was too many of us. We did a short roam around, group photos and wondered how long will this place be around for? It seem so out of place with all the developments happening all round. ..... but I really love the laidback and quiet feeling....Hope it stays the way it is....
Brandon and Mary
going going...
mud paths
prata taste so good... after a ride
Thasevi prata shop...supposely the best around Jalan Kayu
Roti tissue and GL
We didn't stay too long as our stomachs were growling.... The group headed off to the direction of Jalan Kayu... All were hungry by then and the pratas quickly disappeared. Rested for about 1/2 hour where we then pushed on to Seletar Airbase to see the black and white houses, also see first hand how the quiet Seletar airbase neighbourhood being turned into an aerospace park.  We turned around at Sunset bar and back tracked to fernvale area, which was quiet and very little traffic.

Looking at the riders, I can see them chatting and laughing away...yeah!..this is how riding should be! No stress, just ride, because it is fun and because u like too! Check out the photos and hope to see more folks riding with us!


  1. U r fast, TW! U amazed with your inbuilt Energizer battery or is it Duracell? Pleasure to have met you!

    Freedom Rider

  2. Wailing, very nice to meet u too! And hope to see u more on the rides!

  3. Cool! GL bandanas match the new T shirt!

  4. wow, u guys actually visited the Matilda house! gosh, i dont think i would ever dare to visit the place, even in broad daylight! Anyway, am glad to see you guys visiting the last kampong. Been there a year ago and just again yesterday and i must say that it provides city people like us a respite from the hectic lifestyles that we lead. hopefully, the kampong will continue to stand against the test of time :)

  5. @Steph, yes, we go everywhere! Well with many pple, it wasnt so scary. And now even if u want to visit the Matilda hse, it is now barricaded... I also hope the kampong will remain for another 100 years!

  6. Yay! Looks yummy. I would want to try this at home. Thank you for sharing your Roti Prata food experience. ;)