Friday, January 7, 2011

Carryme as a walking alternative

I park my car at place about 15min walk from my office.... which now is shorten to 3 min with my Carrryme.A simple unfold, a few min of peddling and I will be at my office. Nice and comfy. Tucked discreetly under my desk, it is stealthy as a ninja. Until I unfold, ride to go home or look for good food places around my work area. Many of my co-workers will ask if it is rideable and stare....
It is a definitely  crowd pleaser if u fold and unfold.. And see them open their mouths .... "Ooohhh" and "ahhhs". Depending on my schedule, I let some of them take a short spin... and most of them are actually amazed of how well Carryme rides.
I like it a lot... It is fun, it works and brings a smile to anyone who rides it.Try one someday. It rides better than u think, really.
hidden under my desk
Carryme. increases my lunch options


  1. CM at its best! Short distance commutes.

  2. I think Diginexx does not sell CMs anymore unfortunately.

  3. Best bike in the world! I have 5 bikes, carbon racing, mtb, brompton, Reach & CarryMe.

    90% of the time I use the carryme, why? because its just so convenient!

  4. hello Jmquez, I also use my carryme quite abit... I like the compact size and it being able to extend ur walking range by quite abit. Would try out the pacific Reach someday...wonder how it rides