Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birdwatching @ AMK

Untitled by taiwoon
Untitled, a photo by taiwoon on Flickr.
One of the cool things on cycling is that u will see many small interesting facets of life. There is a birdwatching club at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 where many people gather to watch birds. Watch birds? What's that? I know some animal activists would say, that's so inhumane. Birds should be set free, not in cages. Wah lau..... come on man... If this translated to cycling = I got a Bike friday Lama, it needs to be on a real tour. Get muddy, get wet, do some real camping and really be ridden in the potholed outbacks of Laos...sure lah.. but can just say.. I like just it lah. Full stop. I digress....
Well, as many who know me...  I like to say, different strokes for different folks.Let's not judge but accept people for who they are. It is obvious to me that they like it. Birds of the same flock gather together. And for us, cycling brings us together.
Oh, in case u trying to find this place, it is just beside the Kong Long Pau shop, near C2C.

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