Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I long for a day......

London tube signage by taiwoon

this is what we see at our train station... 

This is a photo by Jok kwang and I was told taken outside Euston Underground. I look forward to the day when our very own MRT will be embrace the folding bike customer. I think, even if there is additional charge required for bicycle(take up some space), many would still be willing to pay. This would be a great way to resolve the last mile issue.
SMRT, and my friends... what do u say?

In chinese by Kim,
这照片是我朋友Jok Kwang 在伦敦尤斯顿(Euston)地铁站外所拍摄的。我真心期待有一天,我们的地铁服务也能接纳与照顾骑折叠单车的乘客。
我想,即便是地铁公司为此要征收多一点车费 (毕竟折叠单车还是会占据车厢的一些空间),很多单车骑士还是会愿意接受的。这未尝不是很好的“最后一公里”(The Last Mile) 解决方案。


  1. Is the London Tube as crowded as our MRT at peak hours?

  2. I have never been at london tube at peak hour but I can assure u London is equally crowded like singapore.

  3. SMRT? Lol, when pigs can fly.

  4. @Anonymous. That's my mascot(pigs can fly) which I tie to my bike. But u know, what do we have to lose? Let's be positive. Check out our FB and share ur ideas and help spread this to all. If the voice becomes louder.... they will hear. I hope:)

  5. @Little.Blue.Boy Yes, London tube trains are smaller than Singapore MRT trains, have no aircon, and are much much more crowded than our MRT at peak hours. At Bond Street station (equivalent to Orchard Road) people queue up every weekday night just to get into the station (not to mention the train). I've lived in London for four years, and generally people don't bring bikes into the tube, they just cycle because it's faster than waiting for the tube.

    The bigger intercity trains are another matter altogether. As large as our MRT and with dedicated bike space.

  6. Thanks Xuan You, for ur comments. Pls keep them coming!

  7. Hi Taiwoon, I agree it is timely to consider how we can allow folding bikes into MRT during peak hours. after all folding has has been allowed into MRT for a couple of years, and I have not heard any serious problem so far. If managed well it can increase the ridership of MRT without much investment.

  8. Wow! Kim, great Chinese interpretation!