Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CETMA Cargo bikes, are we ready for it?

CETMA on a road trip.. look at the load, so def. can carry kids! Photo credits CETMA 
Recently I have been trying to find ways to bring my little girl and wifey along for the sunday rides and trying to make more family-time while enjoying cycling. I think the answer might be Cargo bikes. So with google... here is one of the site I found . CETMA,  in Lane's actual words...  "CETMA is run by one guy in a simple shop without automation,  mechanized assembly, robots, lasers, sorcery, superpowers or psychic beavers."  For those who are interested, pls go click here to see the cool stuff. http://www.cetmacargo.com/index.html
The biggest challenge now is as I live in Singapore HDB apartments, access to my home is by a lift which is about 2.4 m height. So if the cargo bike can be dismantled by quick release.. it would be perhaps something compelling in Singapore... hmmm. Cargo bikes, do u think Singapore is ready for it?


  1. I think so...

    Would love to try steering a cargo bike, looks tough!

  2. Too big -- only works for those living in houses and must be those with enough porch or parking space. It may be too big also for Condos with bike parking spaces.

    Infrastructure here is also too small -- PCNs and bike paths often have tight turns and how will you use the overhead bridges or underpasses??

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  4. haha...it is fun for the family... how to say no? and got a model on ur year! It is meant to be!

  5. Guys wait for me to "Choot chia" next week. Everybody can try... hehehe.