Saturday, October 22, 2011

Learning from Dutch and feedback to our Transport Minister

I read this yesterday night and was very inspired. 
If u haven't please see this very interesting article
Didn't know that Holland was occupied by cars... all the while I just have this impression that bicycles have always been there. It wasn't.  Well, I shared this article with our Transport minister Mr Lui Tuck Yew and it is also generating some buzz on his facebook. Except, we have still yet to hear from him.... yet:) Well if u like to hear from Mr Lui, I think u can help by just putting in ur comments and concerns here.
My personal comments at Mr Lui FB " Just picked up cycling 3 yrs ago. And I met alot of nice friends and families who cycle along the way. With the cars and oil prices going up the roof, I really considering to cycle commute to work. What is stopping me now is the lack of safe riding conditions on the roads. If u like, I offer to bring u and ride alongside with u to show u how appalling the road conditions are. Look forward to ur answer

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