Wednesday, October 12, 2011

heartlander human cargo bikes

SG heartlander model. And it is a shimano!
I have a problem. I like to bring my wife and little girl to ride around. The powers of social media and all my friends know of my interest in cargo bike and gave me some interesting ideas. What about a cheapo bicycle that has rear rack and additional seat welded..... huh? Boo meant this... wah lau.. sibay unglam lor.. but I think works.... Got more glamm one? Keep em coming.


  1. It looks lik the itChair for a Brompton. Which I am seeling one from by the way for $250 which is $100 of the origianl price. You can email me under The itChair is in Brooklyn.

  2. Tai Woon, where did you take this picture? Actually, it is quite a common site in heartland to see a bicycle that sits one adult at the back and a child seat in front of rider. But most of the time, the child seat at the front is a mounted type, but the one above in the picture is actually molded onto the bike, which I think its much better and stable. I would love to have the above bike too to bring my wife and girl out for a ride or to nearby Kopitiam for meals.