Monday, December 26, 2011

26th Dec 2011 LCSG Lelong day

oh oh...  sweat
Super solid curry!Thanks Adi for the curry puffs!

no space liao...
275h Dec 2011 LCSG Lelong day , a set on Flickr.
Lelong lelong @ West coast park   Photo credits Louis Lee

As you take up cycling, chances are you that you will pick up that extra seat, lights and what ever barang barang. Before you know it.. u have collected quite alot of stuff in your home. And you will get complained by the interior minister.... This is when the concept of  Lelong Lelong day came about. Led by GV Sealion aka Roland, the group met at west coast road for a picnic cum lelong day. Boy was it fun or what. Lots of laughter, smiles and plenty of stuff and food to go around. Love the kampong atmosphere and carefree feeling. What a wonderful day with friends!  Thanks for the food, support for this event! Lelong lelong anyone?

More photo here

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