Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rider profile - Elaine Pan

Elaine with her Raw lacquer M Brompton
Dahon @ Bukit Brown
Kranji 7-11 @ LCSG 128 route!
Team Turtle @ LCSG 128 night ride - Elaine is 3d from rear left 
Introducing Elaine Pan, who just started riding half a year ago. I remember her first ride when she was so nervous and was struggling to keep up. Recently she had completed the 128km night ride and also been a regular feature of the Sunday ride. This is her story! Very cool!  

Trigger :
1. I met a American couple in Paris last June, they cycled around Paris and so relex, comparing with me walk all days and tired. I think cycling can see more thing than walking..
2. This April, a friend of mine told me he lost few kg after cycling weekly in East Coast PCN on his Dahon Mu P8. I went to try his Dahon and decided I should ride to work and exercise.
3. I need to exercise. I plan to exercise at least two times a week. I always excuse myself because I have no time. So if I cycle to work once a week, at least I exercise two times a week. One weekday and one weekend (with LCSG)
4. Why I choose folding bike?
I started my first ride from CCK to IMM with my Dad on our "market bike" that we hardly used. We had hard time in this 9 KM journey. We wanted to give mp on our way home but we could not take taxi . We ended up with very painful butt and yet we like the ride. That is why I decided to get the folding bike. Just in case if I cannot complete my journey, I can still take public transport. :)

My Ride
After I got my Dahon MUp8 in July, I was so excised. I started to ride alone on the PCN nearby CCK. I also started to look for at the forum to look for cycling mates.There are quite a few there but I have no confident to ride with them as a newbie. I recalled an article I read on the Today newspaper about love cycling SG..... so I started my first ride with LCSG on the National Day. And this is the fist time I get to know Brompton. Haha, I poisoned a friend of mine to buy his Brompton first and we started some ride from CCK to Sembawang Park, Bird Park.... and I continues with LCSG to discover many places.
I came to SG 20 years ago. I used to tell my friends that SG is a very boring place, nothing much to see. But now I have a different view. i have since discovered SG has many interesting place that I have never pay attention before, and I start to enjoy this little Island.

My favorite route:
1. The ECP PCN
2. The Alexandra PCN to MBS
3. Yishun Dam to Mandai ( I like to sloop, haha)

I do not have much. I learn a lot from you, Steven Lim and George and many more...
e.g. 1. How to wear my helmet.
2. How to pedal 
3. How to ride uphill etc

I ready appreciate your encouragement and support. I enjoy riding with LCSG.... I hope to join for the oversea trip next year. oh BTW, I am a Brompton FANS. Even before I own one, I already "poison" my friends and my brother to buy Brompton.. Haha.


  1. Taiwoon, Thank you! I have learnt a lot from you and LCSG!

  2. very welcome Elaine. Thank you for inspiring others!

  3. W@@W steady la, sounded almost like my entry to SG biking scene...u n yr dad= me n my wife ( who is more stable now after a great fly off the seat fall)...