Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rider profile - Bernard Lim

Bernard tong panging the handy man! 

Bernard @ LCSG Lelong day
Punggol PCN Recce with LCSG riders for feedback 
Evaluating the corners and danger areas. How can we make is fun and safe for cyclists. 
You should have seen Bernard Lim on some rides, sometimes on a yellow brompton or a carryme(I heard he sold it off after he superman once). The tall and lanky dude also recently sold his car and cycle commute to work!  
A sincere and passionate guy who is doing his very best to make the PCNs as cool and fun as it can be. Pls give him a pat on the back, shake his hand for the cool work he and his team has done for PCNs.  Bernard, thank you very much for involving LCSG on the PCNs discussions and hear from the cyclists directly on their concerns and issues. Keep on rolling! We are here to help!

Rider profile
• Tell me about yourself...
 I have been involved in sports all my life but mainly rugby, golf in the last 20 years and now cycling (again) since Dec 2010 (1 year ago!). 
• How did you started cycling (again)
 Because of this new portfolio, I picked up cycling again....and they say the rest is history.....to date I have gone through more than 10 bicycles myself.......and am still searching for that NICER bike.........

• Why do you like cycling?
1. economical - buy it once and thats it...no need to pay for anything else (except if you itchy fingers and zhng and zhng
2. low barriers to entry once you buy the bike
3. you can cycle anytime anywhere and alone or if anyone
4.  I used to think networking from Golf was good....but I tell you now, networking from Cycling is much better

• When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
 I guess the first meeting was with Francis Chu - he came to my office and I was introduced to him.  Then we met at the Japan Charity ride at West Coast Park.  Subsequently we met on National Day at Punggol for the National Day Ride....
LCSG is a nice family oriented bunch of recreational cyclists - I hope LCSG stays to its core objectives, which is to keep cycling free, fun and non-exclusive and SAFE......well done!

• Your steel horses- names and more details.
 sssshhhhh  secret cos I still haven't found what I am looking for......but I do ride a Brompton to commute, and trying to ride old steelers (for show only) and to dabble in a few vintage ones (to appreciate craftmanship and heritage).  Just bought a BMX from Tiger Tang which I shall now call it TIGER!

• Your favorite cycling kakis
Has to be Albert who introduced me to the Brompton and Uncle Thomas Soh (we ride most often recently as we stay near each other) who is retired and I wish I am retired too........

• Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
 Anywhere in Punggol (North Eastern Loop) for the PCN
Sentosa (it is one of the best cos very few cars)
Sorry have not gone overseas to ride yet but soon

• Your role at LCSG/ Nparks 
I am a salaried worker like most people, so I try to find the fun in what I do...and managing the park connectors island-wide can be a fun and challenging job.  Most of the time the fun compensates for the *&@# that happens backend - but that's normal...

• Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
 Safety is always paramount.  So seeing happy faces gives you a sense of satisfaction especially when short cuts are discovered, and good food is shared.  Being safe is the priority after each ride.

• Tips to share with fellow riders
Ride Safe, ride smart, be bright (at night).  be a considerate rider.  Know your limits and follow your own instincts.  Don't fall trap to the herd mentality especially when "cheonging" traffic lights / zebra crossings...

•Life motto 
 Have fun.  Work with Passion and be a little bit of a risk taker.otherwise Life will just be a boring journey......

Bernard LIM


  1. It is nice to have a career so close to your passion, esp cycling. Singapore is slowly transforming. With the limited land and resources, having a bicycle lane is every cyclists dream. Lets work towards the dreams of all cyclist and make Singapore a cycling-friendly city! Not just like Copenhagen...uniquely ours cycling city!

  2. Stay strong Bernard, U jus did great communal work for other to enjoy thru yr dedication n sincerity...not even the slightest doubt of yr commitment !