Friday, December 2, 2011

What inspires me....

Kian Ann and Daddy KS - first time out of their comfort zone.. and smiling!
See that smile? Thats inspires me!
The blogspace is a wonderful world. I get to read and experience all different points of view. There are those who write more on techy bits and some who write about life. About inspiration. How seemingly random things can inspire.
I can relate to some of the writing and actually see this happen every sunday.Folks who laid off cycling for 10-20 years and coming back to cycle again. Yes, they are out of shape but when I see their effort, their sweat and most importantly their smiles...  It makes me smile too. This inspires me.
Daddy and son who try to ride in Singapore. Scared but tries. Falls down but keeps trying. I see and can't helped be impressed. Such a team is Tan KS and his son. We met at Bukit Brown ride. It was Kian Ann first attempt in riding such a distance and it took alot of effort on him. At times, I thought he would give up and just whine. But he didn't. Daddy stood from a distance, egging him on, giving encouragement.  In addition, my buddy Darren also became his angel shadowing him his every move and gave his encouragement every pedal crank of the way.
Darren, watching out for Kian Ann... yes that's spandex but he is still cool!
This are the stuff that inspires me.... a simple act of just cycling and helping others. Irregardless of what he ride, who he is.
KS and Kian Ann, u inspire me. Keep on riding! See u on Sunday rides soon!

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