Monday, June 25, 2012

24th June 2012 LCSG Lelong & Pot Luck event

Hot hot event!

Louis leading a ride around West Coast park 
Most creative and pro "stall"
Becoming friends... 
King Lelong
Tiger rehearsing for NDP 

Check out Pearly look... the dog I mean
The basic idea of this event is to gather a bunch of fun loving folks over PotLuck and swap the stuff you don't need. Before the lelong event, Mary and Louis helped organise a PCN ride around the West Coast Park. 
The rest with their barang barang (Stuff) headed towards a nice shady(initially) spot and set up camp for the PotLuck and layout the stuff for swapping. As the people streamed in, it was carnival like and laughter all over. Steven Tang was the undisputed Lelong Emcce King who helped to move the items quickly. Over Dumpling, muffins, Mee Hoon, people chatted over the bicycles and stuff.  Special for the event was the 4 mummies and their special children sewing bicycle charms to raise some much needed funds for the Autistic children. 
Even the hot hot sun didn't deter the crowd at all. Everyone mingled, tested the bicycles and even helped to fly Joeel's awesome Octopus kite... 
This is just awesome and what Lovecyclingsg is about.  Friends meeting friends, coming together for a nice time. Many say that the Kampong spirit is dead in Singapore. I beg to differ. Case and point with LCSG Lelong and Pot Luck event. Thank you Mary, Louis, Andy, Steven Tang, George Kee, Wendy and many more for making this all possible. We will have another Lelong Potluck at the end of the year... ok?  More photos here  and here 

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