Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rider Profile Khairul Rahim

Khai, with wifey and their Carrymes
Quiet and nice chap who you probably see on the rides but not sure who he is...  His name is Khairul Rahim, Khai in short. Read more about why he love cycling and have a look at his blog 

* Tell me about yourself (your day job and family)
I am fortunately married to a fellow cycling enthusiast and a father to two lovely young boys. For my day job I teach a course called the Study of Visual Arts. Apart from the practical aspects of art-making, this course involves quite a bit of Art Theory and Art History.

* How did you started cycling?
I chanced upon an advertorial focusing on commuting and folding bikes. Since the arrival of my sons, I had to give up football due to time constraint and saw cycling as a more flexible alternative.
I have written about it in detail here:
* Why do you like cycling?
There is a very positive feeling when you think about human-powered-movement; not relying on something else to propel you forward. You still need the bike, of course, but everything else depends on you. 
Whenever I get on the bike, I get that sense of freedom again. It's a very child-like feeling and it's very special. 
Cycling is also very practical. I hardly drive now unless absolutely necessary and prefer a bike-train commute as it gets me directly from point A to point B. I don't have to worry about parking and later collecting the car. I can keep on moving from wherever I am, another type of flexibility and freedom here.
* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
The people are lovely. It's always intimidating to join a group of people and I actually joined my first ride without knowing anyone, however the social aspect of LCSG is very strong and I have made many new friends. I like the relaxed vibe of the Sunday rides, and having completed the recent 128km for Paul, I'm looking forward to more of these special events. 
If anyone's interested, I wrote about my first LCSG ride here
* Your steel horses- names and more details.
I don't have any names for my bikes, but here they are according to wheel size:
CarryMe SD, Brompton M6L, Dahon MuP8... and a special one coming soon * Your favorite cycling kakis
LoveCyclingSG of course, the Punggol Night Riders and Velo Familia.
* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
It's hard to pick my favorite LCSG ride but the 128km was really special. For a non-official body, I must say that I'm very impressed with the planning and logistics! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been working quietly behind the scenes to plan and organize the rides.
My favorite personal cycling route will be from home in Tampines - ECP - City and back. The route is relaxing and I can get about 45km of cycling, just nice to daydream and clear the head.
* Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
So far I haven't been involved in any official duties during the rides, so it's been a mainly social experience for me. However, I do try watch out for new riders especially on the roads. This is also something I observe about the more experienced riders in LCSG - most will be looking out for everyone's safety whether or not they have been designated with the roles.
* Tips to share with fellow riders
Safety is a mentality. It's not just about the helmet, it starts with checking your bike, pumping your tires. Be considerate and confident, whether on the pavement or on the road. Assert your presence when you need to, but when you need to make a decision, pick the safest option.
* Other things to share.. Life motto etc
A bit cheesy, but for this purpose: Live to Ride Another Day
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  1. Since the moment that I read you interest in folding bikes you got my attention even more! I love folding bikes and of course I have a brand that I prefer...Did you ever heard about Montague? The thing that I most like in these bikes is the fact that they have bikes with regular sizes! It's not that small folding bikes that I particularly don't like! hahaha You should try it, it's awesome!

  2. We have some folks riding Montague too. Nice bikes. Which part of the world are u from?