Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rider Profile Louis Lee

@ Ride for Paul Lim 128Km  photo credit Francis Chu
Briefing the route and safety pointers before the ride  -- Photo credit Steven Tang
Quietly helping out and making a difference. This time at ROS 2012

Quiet, affable and unassuming kind of guy. Someone who will just take the lead and just "do it". Super responsible and always carrying his trusty first aid kit to render assistance. No one told him to do it... he just does. This Louis Lee, Dai Kor of the LCSG "Westies Division".  Read more about him and give him a pat on his back for being the super duper inspiration that he is!
"Hi All, 
I guess many of you know me as Louis with a fresh look after the scissors got friendly with my pony tail and hit the road [;)]
Not good at writing so here's a brief introductory of myself. Born not that long ago, I grew up as a mischievous and playful boy who doesn't agree to what the book says but like to experience what's real and true out there (so you know my attendance in school are . . hehe 
Been through ups and downs in life and have learned to slow things down, so now my profession is a anything goes freelancer. Mainly on photography, design and events services.
At the age of 9, I hop on a 'chopper' courtesy of a neighbor two floors down, rolled and pushed myself up and down a slope a few times and peddle off around the neighborhood once I got my balance right and that marked my first ride on a bicycle! I went faster and faster as I was thrilled by the gush of wind and I love the speed but ended up in a wet batch of grass and got scolded by Mom when I went home looking like I had been playing in a dirty drain! haha
Photo from Old Skool Rider FB, Reggie Perara
Stylo milo then
Grew older got myself a S/S BMX frame and started to learn about the mechanics of a bicycle as I assembled my first bike. Went for dirt jump(or mud jump :P), tried some tricks n jump stunts and recall my first ride from west to east on a BMX hitting up B.Sheares Bridge, was given warning and told to get off by TP even . . well we made a wrong turn haha. Still rode around on my BMX till it got stolen . . got another replacement and yes again was stolen! . . sigh.
After BMXss were stolen I stop riding till I completed my NS in 93, got a MTB and started rolling again not long, didn't know much cycling friends as I usually ride alone so I just ride around till my legs can't move I'll rest at a bus stop or 7-11. Took another long break after I got busy with work and relation.
It's been like a 10 years break, and finally in December 2011, I came back from my long break to my first ride and it was with LCSG . . to climb NTU slopes!! Felt like I dropped my lungs somewhere or they popped as I breathed so hard doing the slopes (well for an asthmatic patient it's normal) Hahaha
Riding with the LCSG family has made me enjoy riding even more! Sunday fun rides that are family orientated, weekdays training ride that builds strength and stamina and of course it is the people that made all these enjoyable. Found the passion in everyone when I joined LCSG, how they cast aside who is who, don't ask what you do but only talk about food and bikes, the cooks and the parts, where to eat where to buy, what to get and how to fix . . the real passion of cyclist [:)]
Some ask whats my role in LCSG? I'm a cyclist! hahaha. Well I don't see myself as a leader or professional cyclist but since I organized most of the Westies rides, I volunteered to lead and make sure all ride safe and proper. You guaranty their safety? No, I never rule out there will be mishaps but I have learned to take it as a lesson and every ride is a new experience we learn something from. "If we can stop and accident from happening, we can erase it off our dictionary".
I love to ride around as and when I have time. The free feeling of moving around to places you feel like going, to places you never been or places you passed and never really get a chance to visit and how to do it best? . . . On your manually cranked two wheeler. I hope to see more passionate and responsible cyclist be it on the road, on PCN or just around the neighborhood.
Lately as cycling become more and more popular, many are taking on the interest/hobby/passion. I had also realized that on recent incidents many had voiced out and 'demanded' to have certain things enforced . . I would like to share with you my thoughts . .
To be respected you must first show respect to others so don't waste time arguing on a "chicken and egg" question but put your thoughts and initiatives into action. Suggestions are always welcome for improvement but suggest only when you have access a situation and have done trial n error. Lets make this a bike friendly country like all others, starting on ourselves by:
1. riding safely and obeying traffic rules
2. do our part and complain less
3. respect each other more
4. be patient and polite to all road users
5. give way, we are not wrap in metal and our legs are our engine
6. Have a heart that shares not a heart that wants
I hope this few pointers will help all to be a better cyclist and get ourselves respected on the road, on PCN or anywhere else sharing the path with all motorist, pedestrians and cyclist ourselves.
When we hop on our two wheelers, our safety, our lives and those riding with us, is in our own hands. They don't paddle for you, they don't steer for you. Be responsible and patient, slowly we will reach out to all and make roads safer for all to use.
Thanks for reading and I am honored to be riding with you people."
Louis Lee

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