Monday, June 4, 2012

LTA Portal 6th months then and now

I wrote about the exciting new LTA portal  6 months ago. What got me excited was the inclusion of the Cycling Tab on the portal. Then I said "give it time, at least we have a cycling tab..." 
How it looked Dec 2011.... 
This is how it looks now, from 6 months ago. Sorry I can't see any changes.... can you?
LTA Portal 04th June 2012 
I also poked around to find out more and what is the LTA take on Cycling... and I found the Land Transport Plan...  page 24 and page 74 which Cycling was mentioned. It is quite amazing that the folding bike on MRT "Trial" was from 2008 and it is still "Trial" basis even in 2012.  LTA must be really studying this in detail and I look forward to more updates on LTA portal.
LTA, if u are reading this,  how about putting this to help allow cyclists to better feedback on the cycling conditions on the roads.Pls let me know what are your future plans and if there are anything we(as cyclists and lovecyclingsg) can help. Pls let me know, we love to help! 

Be positive.. at least we see a bicycle... 

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  1. Should they then take down the sign that reads NO BICYCLE at certain mrt station?