Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Graffiti or Art?

I think this is highly creative work and shows that Singaporean can laugh at ourselves.
Also the mantra "Do first, apologise later".   Thinking about it, "Grandfather road" can help to bring an interesting awareness program on reckless driving....  but then... SG leh... Cannot try more radical approach if u are not a ART Superstar like Damien Hirst. Come on... lighten up.
We have a long way to go to learn appreciate humor and art. FYI what is happening.
Found this on Facebook.. 


  1. I applaud her courage and interesting ideas. However, grafitti by definition is "illegal art", so it's the "rule of the game". If you get caught, then face the law. Illegal art is still art, and 'art' is subjective, so I think it's a seperate conversation altogether.
    Thanks for sharing though, it'll be interesting to hear different perspectives of this.
    We should punish all those who paste stickers on HDB doors, put flyers on wind-screen as well!

  2. "my grandfather road" could have been disguised as one of the lane divider stripes or the "press once" sticker on the actual button instead of over the safety icon could have better effect. Perhaps in the Singapore context, pictures of it (without actually doing it) as a social commentary could have got away with applause instead. In this case, its bad execution to deface traffic signs and other public property that could compromise safety of users. Too bad got caught.