Sunday, July 1, 2012

LCSG Boil an Egg ride 1st July2012

This is a classic LCSG ride. There is the food element(eggs), Sight(Sembawang hotspring) and Photo opportunity. I wasn't expecting 80 to turn out but lucky we have a good team who helped with out being asked. Marking out the route and making it safe for the rest. These selfless acts are the reason why I love to do the Sunday rides. Thank you team!
As we reached the hotspring... the cooking began. Amazing level of preparation. Some brought Stainless steel cups and buckets. The most outstanding guy was Steven Tang who brought 2 trays of eggs!!  As we waited patiently for the eggs to cook, some SPA, some was "poisoned" by the rest on various bicycles. Noisy as a market can be but fun!
Later on, we pitstoped at Chong Pang Market for a short breakfast. With the number of bicycles... it really made the people stand up and notice. Some asked if we are doing some program or NDP haha! Getting our bellies filled, we took a more ulu approach to Simpang Kiri, an obscure PCN which is very quiet to the Sembawang black and white houses. Andrew wan took the lead to introduce his "playground" and show some interesting houses and their history. We broke off with some follow me back to Khatib MRT while another group headed North ward to Woodlands waterway. Overall a fun and happy Sunday ride! What more can we ask for?

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