Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rider Profile - George Kee

Looking good after a good spin - Photo credit Leon 

With cycling, I can ride and eat! 

* Tell me about yourself (your day job and family) In the twilight of my little brick and mortar business of sign making since 1989. Now mostly doing wholesale supplies of materials and CNC services for the same niche market, like looking into the well from the outside. My only son is still in NS and does not have any common interest. I am a DIY guy with so many interests in my mind that I became a "George of all trades n master of none" !!!
* How did you started cycling?
Used to cycle in my early 20s from Bedok Reservoir to Sembawang for work but that was when I was super fit, played rugby for the RSAF team.
Accidental cyclist forced by health reasons. Doctor issued the ultimatum that I do my part as I had reached the maximum dose of medicine n started the insulin jabs for my diabetes. Bobian go nearby Giant hypermart and bought 2 Aleoca bikes in 1 week n started the whole indulgence ! Neverturn back since as I have achieved the the target to lower my blood glucose and become lively again, that was last August ! Hope to sustain and realised the other big dream, travel on bike like Ped Al, CW n KC n the whole lot- maintaining a touring pace of about 20kph is enough !
* Why do you like cycling? Health foremost n of course enjoy the good company of LCSG especially my wife.
* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us...
After buying n riding around Pasir Ris, we did not stop the self poisoning, we keep on looking for better bikes as our market bikes are giving us more than a bargain- PAIN. Google broke me to this blog which connects to the whole community and bang the jolly good bunch enjoying the friendship like we all have known each other for donkey years.
* Your steel horses- names and more details. I am trying my best to stay GREEN n won't throw away or waste things that are still working so is 9 + 2 (2 market bikes, 3 Dahon oldies, 2 new premium CDM Dahon models that is not available locally, 1 Oyama and I full frame steel Bianchi Pista. Also given 2 away for starters) All can be shared with anyone wanting to ride and smell the roses. Oh may see the last one for my wife in December, crossing my finger that there will not be anything to hold back the plans
* Your favorite cycling kakis-  I admire alot of people in the group- like KC, CW, Ped Al and the chiong JB/ Malacca/ Taiwan/ Thailand groups bcos they really make things happened. If I ever succeed in my dreams to travel on bike, these are the people I have to thank.
* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride- 128km, because of this ride for a jolly old army colleague Paul,that inspired me to break my mental barrier. Of course my group buddies and sweeper, Desmond.
* Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides- Paiseh never lead or organise before till one fine day that one comes to mind, probzably offshore- places that I go for business.
* Tips to share with fellow riders- stay focus and anybody can ride safe n enjoy because I was a sicko waiting for my number to be "up the lorry" till I started cycling albeit the "poisoning"
* Other things to share.. Life motto etc- Oh! Health and Happiness is most important, stay green for your loved ones' future.
* Who would u like to see being featured in Smallwheelbigsmile? Jonathan Lee or Roger Tan- - like to know about their poisoning state of mind !

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