Friday, July 6, 2012

LTA seeking Public Feeback - Pls act

Here is a something you can do if you care and want to make Singapore a better place to cycle. The Land Transport Plan is due for a review come 2013, and this is a good time to share how you feel and ideas you have. The link is here and please speak up "before the cake is baked so as to speak". This impacts the coming 5 years of Singapore Transport system... have a think about what that means.  
I took this from LTA site so that u can better read. 
SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is seeking public feedback on its existing and future Land Transport Masterplan.
The plan maps out strategies that will go into formulating the country's transport policies.
The last plan, launched in 2008, saw initiatives such as expanded rail and road networks as well as improved barrier free access to bus and rail stations.
As part of its update, the LTA will gather public views on how the various programmes under the 2008 masterplan can be refined as well as identify new initiatives.
To give feedback, go to this website.
The portal will host online discussion forums and surveys that the public can participate in. 
Detailed information on the scope of the consultation process and the 2008 Masterplan is also available.
Alternatively, members of the public can email the LTA at
The LTA said those who participate stand to win an EZ-Link card worth S$10.
Feedback channels will open till 30 September.
As part of the consultation process, LTA will also carry out a series of focus group discussions, after which views will be consolidated and released with the updated masterplan, which is targeted for 2013

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