Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flamingo F1

This is my speedy ride which I use more regularly on my almost daily exercise. I bought it last year around June timeframe from Ben of C2C. This is the foldie that made ride regularly, because it is so comfortable and goes like wind. Included together in the bike is a Doc Air seat, which u can pump hard or soft and make it suit ur bum.

I have upgraded the shifters to Shimano XT from the original Microshift as I wanted a more smoother and faster shifting. It is hard to explain but the feeling from XT is really good.. and I would suggest this as if u want to upgrade your flamingo.

If u are looking for a fast and comfy ride, the flamingo F1 is a good choice. The down side is that it doesnt fold as compactly as say a brompton. Still it is easy to put into a taxi or car. Rolling along the MRT is fine. A simple way to make it more secure is to have a velcro strap to hold the folded bike in position. Then just pick a train stop and  go riding!
in riding mode


Xt shifters 
very powerful brakes.. can do stoppies if u want

My friend Alvin test riding flamingo.. shiok rite? 


  1. I love Flamingo too. A relative cheaper choice compared to Brompton. You may know it of OEM by Speedone.

  2. hi frank, nice to see u around. It is cheaper but the ride is on par, if not better. My friend Alvin also bought one... same color as mine and u can see his on the latest blog entry.