Friday, September 10, 2010

Cooling ride on a wet sunday - 5th Sept 2010

This ride was special because Lun Cheak our friend who hates to sweat and ride bicycles.. joined us for a ride. Yes!... after a couple months of psyching... he finally said yes. It did not start well because on that rained.. but I insisted we still meet and wait it out.  We skipped the Bedok reservoir park and parked at the famous prawn noodle shop. After the yummy prawn noodles, super solid nor hiang and cups of Kopi.. the rain eased up, we finally went riding from Fort road to the 3SIR bedok camp area and PCN links. Not much pics but we do have a cool video by Rodney who rode a fixie and pioneered the world first IPhone tall format video... enjoy!

Lun: heng arh.. .raining, exercise cut :) 
Adrian and Rodney
drive to prawn noodle place lah
bike nice and comfy.. enjoying the aircon
ok.makaned and ready to roll..rain or not rain

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