Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wonderful Woodlands ride....

Fall in at Woodsland Mac
Joining us for the amazing ride, Mr Teo, Andy, Mac, Thomas, Francis, Sharon, Sitoh, Boo,GL, Rodney(early breakfast) and myself. The star of the ride must be Mr Teo Pugsley... this is a bike with hummgous tyres like 4WD that can roll over any thing... Everyone wanted to try it.. I felt like a Sherman tank and surprising rolls very well.
Sitoh and Pugsley
Boo and Pugsley
Pssst... sianz
Murphy also struck early this time... we had breakfast at Mac's and we about to roll off... then Rodney Fixie had a flat. 3 guys whipped out portable pumps and offer to him.. we tried all..but it stlll psst.... leaked air... after 5 guys took turn to try and check, take out the tyre tube.. it was a leak.. All had a pump but no inner tube/patch kit... Only Mr Teo had it and he gamely offered it to Rodney... Then it was happily pumping up... yay!! Well, then.. pssst.. it leaked again. The patch kit needed time to set and we were all too anxious... and after trying another time.. the problem was due to the rim design and hole location(too near to valve stem) and very hard to patch... what a shame... Rodney had to go back and get it fixed. I learned a important lesson today.. get a pump, get a patch kit with levers.. it can save ur ride. Pictures of the heroics...

lets fixit!

Rodney..trying his best not to scratch his lovely camo rims...
GL, our Woodlands top tour guide!
Once that was done, GL led us to a nice leisurely ride along the PCN, thru Admiralty park.

Mr Teo and his Tank Pugsley
Steady Andy
Some gravel roads which made the MTb folks, Mr teo very happy.. but Sitoh with his road tyres, Francis and Sharon in the foldie-single speed pressed on gamely. Soon we reached Woodland broadwalk which overlooks JB. It was really nice and some time spent snapping photos. Like I was saying getting out of our comfort zone... paid off handsomely. I never knew Woodlands has such nice views! We rolled along toward Sembawang where we snaked into some residential areas with nice old houses. It was lovely and Boo commented that "wah.. doesnt feel like SG..more like bali ubud..."

It is really amazing what u can see with a bicycle...get out ur comfort zone... and slow down and smell the roses!

Mac and his Giant

Andy covering our rear and sporting a cool rear rack
big or small...all the same..just ride!
Thomas at Woodsland jetty, showing monkeys how to wheelie
mummy and baby monkey checking us out at Woodlands pier

photo time!

trying to be funny

From left, Andy, TC, Taiwoon, Boo, Thomas... this is Singapore!
old houses at Sembawang stretch
Thomas providing entertainment
Mr Teo and Puglesy riding on the sand...
Me and thomas even had a quick dip at Sembawang beach to cool off and test his camera.. hopefully it still works :) Wrapping up the ride, we had some makan at a location reccomended by GL and we split off at the MRT station. Woodlands, I think I will be back to say hello to you again!

More pics my flickr account -

Swimming at Sembawang waters..
Riding pass old neighbour hood
Thomas riding on Mr Teo ten footer..taken by Boo sitting shotgun. Thanks Mr Teo!
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  1. Very nice moments, thanks for the company. I really enjoyed the ride and meeting, cool and fun friends!

    Till next ride :)
    can i borrow the pics? :D


  2. Hello Mac, it was a pleasure to meet u too! Till the next ride, and sure pls use them.. more here