Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Remembering an old friend

from today online - workers tearing out the planks

The conversation started innocently enough when I reached my workplace and chatting with my cycling kaki Adrian.  "So where to this week?" Adrian asked.. "Erh dun know maybe Potong pasir ride along the river toward AMK and to Thomson road to see the monkeys.. the real ones." I suggested.  Then it was off to the usual work, emails and meetings... like clock work.

Nearing lunch time, Adrian spotted a website that had a photo of the national stadium. It was the workers stripping off the wooden planks. And sparked off a discussion of how it would be gone for good. And it reminded me that when things are gone, it is gone. This time, there will be no fireworks and singing..they are stripping the place as we speak.  So there, we got a really memorable place to visit this sunday. The great national stadium.

My memories of  National stadium are most vivid when I was in poly where we would all go and see Singapore play in the Semi pro league. Once reached Kallang MRT, there will be singing and hordes of fans walking everywhere.  United we were... like ants.  One occasion, it was raining like crazy and all were running towards the stadium... visibility were low and we just ran...then a loud "thong"rang out. A very lucky guy had hit a low barrier straight on... and was lying on the ground, for awhile. Then picked himself out and started to run and yell... it was amazing to see what football does to people.

Inside the stadium, memories of the curry pok man.. It is funny thinking about it that the simple curry puff taste so good in the stadium. Of course the highlight was when some SG player was tripped and the ref did not blow the whistle.. The whole stadium would shake and curse the ref "kelong" and all his 20 generations. All in the spirit of football of course.

Now if u see the current stage of SG football... it is really sad. Funny now that they have all the snazzy logos, technology and stadiums.. it bores me to death.  I watched once but slept through the game.  The feeling really isn't the same. Somehow I can't connect Sengkang united playing off Gombak united..  Bring back the Singapore VS Selangor, anytime.  And I will miss the Kallang roar.. oh man..

So Thank you,  National stadium for the memories. I will see u on Sunday!

here is the article on today online... have a read..

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