Sunday, September 12, 2010

12th Sept ride feeling and photos

We met at the Singapore botanical garden main entrance on sunday. Riding today was Francis, Sharon,Tah ching, Sitoh, Yoon  Jung, Amy, Thomas, Rodney and myself. A motley of MTB, old school bike with basket, Flamingos, JZ88 and Char par lan MTB was used.

The ride to Dempsey area was pretty straight forward and roamed around for a bit.. then headed to Margret drive for SG old style breakfast.  This was the place where I used to eat as Temasek poly was located at Stirling Road.  We explored around the area and TC told me that he grew up at Queens way as a boy. That was the "Duxton Pinnacle" then.. compared to the old kampongs.  We rolled slowly to Leng kee where all the car show room and explored Tiong baru.  Once again we stopped at the super iconic hairdresser signage to take a photo for oldtimes sake.  It is strange.. we were there not too long ago, but something just pulled us here.  To make things more challenging, Thomas bike did a murphy on him.. his tyre was losing air after all the jumps and aerobatics. We rushed to one shop after another one.. only to find them closed. When murphy likes u.. he really likes u.

Finally we reached Treknology and got the flat fixed.. I think the most siong ride for Thomas. :) We spilt with the main group at Orchard and made our way back.. on two wheels. Riding along mostly PCN.. it took us about 1.5 hrs to reach Punggol. Total mileage - 50 Km. Nice and well done Sitoh!

Live to ride, ride to eat!

from left, Amy, Rodney, Thomas, Sharon, Francis, TW, Yoon Jung, Tah ching and Sitoh(behind the camera)

Waiting at Punggol MRT control station
2 Flamingos waiting for Train
Fun. Just fun. 
Convoy to Dempsey 
Guest star "karen Mok" Amy

Parrot colony at Dempsey
Eat to live, live to ride!

Really.. it was supposed to be a light breakfast..
China apple fizzy drink

you tiao.. made on the spot.. good for porridge

Queensway bowling centre.. 
handsome guys posing for a beautiful flats
checkout the perspective
one for the group 

iconic pearl centre
old house near SGH
lovely flower detail 


  1. You have been linked at Hope u dun mind :)

  2. lovely ride! pavement is illegal tho?

  3. hi there, yes it is a nice ride. We try to take the bike path and roads(if the traffic is light) but as there are some really new riders and we ride in a walking pace, I think the pavement is sometimes unavoidable. We have Bell ringers which we "ting" when there are people walking just to keep them aware. There are some stretches of road where the cars are really speeding and I don't want to be a number in the casualty list.

  4. thanks for posting the route! then i can try it too! :D

  5. seem like quite a fun ride anymore of this ride again???

  6. we will do this again. the next coming ride will be to the national stadium.. it will be demolished soon and we want to see it for the very first time.. details to be out shortly. Can u plse leave me an contact email or phone so I can let u know the details.

  7. you all welcome anybody to join in ur rides?? is it a weekly ride?? what if we do not own any bicycles but can cycle..?

  8. hi G, It is a weekly ride and welcome u to join us. Only request is that u bring u bike and smiles. Pls send me a email at
    so I can keep u posted.