Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flamingo prepped and ready!

Marathon Supremes 

 Going for the first overseas riding trip(Bintan) with some really seasoned riders tomorrow. I have prepped the flamingo with new tyres which MBS says is supposedly puncture proof... hope it does the job well.  For the past 2 weeks, i have being using it and it rolls well on the road and on gravel.. so it should be OK. Anyway to buy more insurance.. I got a portable hand pump and Patch kit/levers....

Touchpoint wise, I have finally got myself a Ergon Grips which was also comfortable and doesn't rotate as the original grips installed on Flamingo F1.

Rear rack, I just got the simplest version which is Topeak MTX V neck rack. It is secured by the seat post but sometimes it will rotate slightly. I added a rubber shim to increase the gripping force and the rack is now very stable. The bag is a very nice addition, which slides in neatly. It also features two light duty side bags which I stuff with my barang barang. To prevent the side bags from rubbing again the tyres.. i rigged a tyre guard which is made from all the spare parts from the baby seat... I hope it works..
rear rack with bag to hold stuff
Ergon grips

Ready to roll
   So there.. Flamingo is ready to roll and do some exploring!


  1. Hi! Thanks for the comment haha! I tot I would never get a response! Your blog is now part of my daily reads. Ride together soon!

  2. nice blog xiao pang!

  3. Your Flamingo really flew on the trip! It was a real joy to share 200km of pleasure and pain with you. With mudguards, it will be a most competent foldie tourer.


  4. I would love to tag along if you guys are doing it again :)

  5. hi Lensman,

    Sure and u are very welcome to join me. Send me a msg at
    this sunday, we going to see the thomson monkey alley :) More infor here

  6. hi woon

    very nice blog, have been looking around for quite awhile and yours is most interesting (for local flavour)...just got myself a pre-owned foldie...still getting use to the 20ins tyres. hope to learn more from you and maybe join you guys for a ride someday.

    cheers and ride safe

  7. hi Eric, thanks for the encouragement! makes my day already. If u free on sunday, join us.. we headed north this weekend. Do send me and email at so I can update u on the route.. ...or u can check my blog.. Details will be out tomorrow.

    Yeah! keeping cranking! :)