Saturday, September 17, 2011

CFAL ride by G Club Penang Cyclists

Eddie, Mr Teo, Hong, Nick, GL(behind the camera)                Photo credit GL
At the CFAL start line                                      Photo credits G Club Penang
Nick, totally wet but loving it!                Photo credit GL  
Hong says no problemo!                       Photo credit GL
Campaign for a bike lane ride is an effort by G club Penang cyclist to gather support for a bike lane in Penang.  The folks are not full time staff but all driven by passion to make their place as bike friendly as it possibly can. And what a crowd!!! 2500 riders attended this ride...rain not a problem!  The news spread so far to Singapore that we also had our LCSG friends, Mr Teo, Eddie, GL, Hong, Audrey and Nick attending this event. The feedback was... wow very good and happening !   Here are GL comments.
"CFAL is a very well organized ride. They have lots of volunteers to distribute water and even more outrider to move around the route to watch out for cyclist who are in trouble. Cyclist can almost be certain to have the outrider stopping to check them out once they stop at the side. Along the way, the volunteers full of smiles held up encouraging/useful words like enjoy your rides, sharp turn ahead, 21km left which really makes cyclists enjoy the ride more. The only thing that I felt need improvement is their lucky draw. They started it quite early and those draw that are not claim after three fast call are redraw again. Well, the ride is the most important part and I think the organizer have did a great job. 5 stars event!!! "
I am impressed, very motivated by their energy and efforts. Maybe it is time for a Singapore version? What say u? 
More infor on the wonderful event here...
GL practising the pose on Mr Teo MPV                Photo credit GL
Topup before the actual event                                   Photo credit

All the way from SG, Steady Mr Teo!                 Photo Credit GL