Monday, May 3, 2010

Cycling to Tai mei tok (HK) 2003

Itchy backside and bored with Mongkok and shopping centres.. and u have a folding bike. What do u do? head to the MTR and go to some where u dun know and ride. This time, I went to Tai wai MTR and try to go to Tai mei tok (plover cove). This is an very HK heartlander place ,, in SG context- East coast park, minus the Angmohs. I rode along the bike path for afew hours. One interesting encounter with a lycra clad guy on a racing bike. I spun past him and tried to look as effortless as I could. Any idiot can see I was flat out cranking like a mad ostrich.... Anyway, I reached the place in about 3 hrs

Here are some photos of the place.. I miss Hongkong!