Thanks friends for contributing... Keeping them safe and giving it another week for folks to review... then we vote for the first SWBS tee design! This will be fun! Designer will be presented with a free Tee and lots of bragging rights!  woooohooooo!!!!!
Design (1)     TC Sketch of E.R.P = Eat. Ride. Photo

Design (2)   Joeel Lee Sketch Eat, Ride, Get poisoned.. lol! 
Design (3)Another cool design from Joeel!!
Design (5) Darren's

Design (4) My doodling of SG, HDB, tekko, coconut trees and turtle  
Design 4A                                                          Design 4B- Sketch doodling only.. will refine later


  1. Love the first design though the rest are pretty good too!

  2. Thanks Bro AL, for ur vote. Guys, keep the comments coming!

  3. i vote for Design 2, and also "design 3A" which is the red version of Design 3, the one that has 2 wings! :)