Sunday, October 18, 2015

We ride as one

This photo taken by uncle KC at LCSG trip to Coney island made me smile. It showed exactly what we are trying to promote. 
Its never about the bikes. Small wheels, big wheels, fat bike, road bike, MTB, foldies of all brands are welcome in Lovecyclingsg. Keeping it real! Well done people!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Changes are coming, slowly, but surely. Thank you Shimano and Nparks!

Good things are happening in Singapore! This is a series of bike repair station sponsored by Shimano at our Nparks PCN areas. This is really awesome, especially so for the casual cyclists who might need some assistance for their bikes. It features allen keys, screw drivers, wrenches the sort of stuff that can help you out when u have some loose parts on your bicycles.  Esp cool is also the addition of a foot pump. Very nice!
A very happy surprise at Track 15 (mandai area) for the MTB lovers! 

Allen keys and wrenches! 
foot activated Pump

Terrence is a happy man!   

This is at NSRCC beside the water cooler.  A very regular stop point for cyclist. Spot on Nparks and shimano!!
I would be the first to admit readily that more can, should be done for cyclists.  But then again, I am of the thinking that we should also be part of the solution, giving ideas and helping out where ever we can. I am especially happy when I see companies stepping up to contribute back to the environments. Such is the effort which Shimano have embarked on. They did it so quietly and humbly. I am impressed. Thank you Shimano for the heart for cyclists and helping make it a pleasant ride journey for riders! 
Lastly to all riders, these are kind gestures from Nparks and Shimano. Please treasure and take good care of them.
**Photo credit Terence Yap and Clay (LCSG community)