Monday, May 30, 2022

Good affordable bike kit from Decathlon

 I was at City Mall today and popped in to Decathlon to see on the bike kit.  Its good! I wished I had this when I started my cycling journey. Here's some good items to get. 

The hand pump has the extended hose which is less likely to stress the valve stem 

nice quality tool set and come with chain breaker too 

Tyre lever, looks robust and sharp tip 

adhesive peel and stick patch for ur tube leak 

huge array of tube size. check ur current tyre to get the one that works for u

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Bike Tool kit

 Bike tool kit

I get asked this alot. What tools do I get for my bicycle and what do I bring on rides. Here's what I bring normally, esp for the longer rides. Have a read on the list here  and if not clear, let me know and I can clarify.  I will be at Lovecyclingsg bike handling workshop on 12th June 2022. With my fellow angels, we will help newbies learn how to use them. BUT You will need to bring ur own kit and get ur hands dirty . Thru doing, u will remember it MUCH BETTER

Sunday, May 22, 2022

MURAL CITY RIDE 22may 2022

It was a hot day but really nice to finally meet many friends and explore our "backyard". 

Monday, May 16, 2022

Nice LDP ride in the eastern part of Singapore

 I love wheels... big and small. This is Long distance pumping aka LDP at a popular route in the eastern part of Singapore. Welcome all to come ride and skate! 

Monday, May 9, 2022

Bike Friday pocket rocket Swept bar conversion

I have had the Bike Friday Pocket Rocket for some years and its a great zippy bike which I took it to some memorable trips.  But now I find it too stretched and its getting harder to ride the road bars. Guess age is catching up and I find myself riding it less.  Also I realised I ride on the hoods like 97% of the time... 

And yes while I do like the look of BF pocket rocket with road bars.... it was not so comfortable to me now. 

Looking at my fleet of bikes, I realised the most frequently used ones are the swept back bars and so I decided to make the switch. Due to the folding nature of the bike, it required the cabling to be routed in a longer arduous way and it affected the STI shifting abit. So I decided to go back to the simple thumbies route... which worked all this time on my old other bikes.  Bike friday also had some trick part like the goose neck interrogate handle post.  I used a 35.4mm seat post, sawn off on the saddle mounting and tried it out. It works! The last few weeks was spent riding and resetting all the touch points.  Now its a zippy and comfy ride!