Saturday, October 30, 2010

Riding around Shingawa area - 29th Oct 2010

I woke up early and checked the weather.. yes. It was not raining like yesterday.  I have 30 mins to spare ... so I pushed out my bike and did a neighbourhood  slow ride. And yes, it was lovely weather and really peaceful.  Also saw alot of cyclist in different shapes and sizes....the place is great for cyclist with dedicated bike lanes. Times are really changing...way to go Japan!
bike lanes

Sign:"for bicycle use only" how cool is that

view of the river and lots of sea gulls

some don't like water

nice and quiet ride along the river
Map of the place

mamachari in action

Stylish lady with 3" heels and handbag riding to work..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sentosa ride 31st Oct details

This coming sunday ride details. .... after some deliberation.. We going to Sentosa! 
photo credit -

Explore the entire sentosa from East to west and take picture of all our bicycles to prepare for our Tee/Jersey. Let's start at the car park A near Mount Faber Lodge at 7:30am.     
Pls note: Updated meeting point in front of vivo city- 0730

Start by rolling down the slope along Kampong Bahru Road, join Telok Blangah road, After crossing Sentosa Gateway we can start by riding towards the east, as far as possible. There is a Golf course, a jetty and luxurious properties (not sure if the roads are open to public, anyone knows?)
After exploring every corners in the East and taken enough pictures, we can ride towards the west all the way to Siloso Road at the west tip of the island. Check out the sea view from Fort Sentosa. There is plenty of makan places along the siloso beach walk. We can continue to poke around the side-tracks. I have been in Sentosa many times and visited various points of interests, but never "connect the dots" on a bicycle. Don't forget to find a clean background to take photos of our bicycles.
After the ride, those who need to go back can ride back to the car park as a group. The rest can swim, play beach volley ball or just enjoy the view at the beach. Relax...

Interested?  Pls click below to register ur interest. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brommie packed for Japan!

I am going for 100 percent design Japan come thursday. To make it even more interesting and explore more of Toyko, I am taking my brompton along! 
Maki-san, a member of CycleTokyo will be bringing me on a half day ride on 5th Nov.. it should be fun.... 
Cycle tokyo is really informative on the rides and points of interest to visit.. I like the gourmet route best...:) . Now go check his website out..
Packing the bike --- I googled around and apparently the best, cheapest and safest way is to put it in a carboard box. So this is what I did. Here are some photos and other brick bats I will be taking with me
1) Folding bike - Brompton M with pump
2)  Helmet, blinkers, gloves - Safety first
3) Tripod- to take more nite scene and also myself :) 
4) Medical Kit
5) basic tool kit- Spanner, allen keys, patch kit and levers
Seeing that there is some space inside the box... I will pack some clothing in there too... I haven't really done this before and here is how it is with the help of my lovely assistant, momo....:)  
How will I do and survive? Stay tuned... 
check ur blinkers... 

Army style layout, Helmet check, saddle check.. tripod check... bike check.

seatpost wrapped and fasten to the main frame 

all in sir!

now, that wasnt too difficult rite? 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Changi "guns have fallen silent" ride

The 25 friends I met ECP F3 carpark 
26 friends met at ECP F3 carpark at 0730. Many fresh faces, like Lee, Diane, Erwin, Craig, Ryan, Vince, James, Henry and quite a few I can't  remember.
To start, the Man of the Day goes to Andy who rode all the way from Bishan, Carrying 12 packet of soya bean drink and sandwiches! To add to the story, he even made his very own sweeper vest with and matching tee!  Thanks Andy for ur tireless efforts and making our rides that much safer!
Andy, sweeper, a very very good one!
Andy and his custom safety vest 

Our friend brought it all the way from Bishan!

The ride along ECP coastal PCN was calm and relaxing. The pace was slow to allow everyone to ride in formation and it was quite a sight.. many passerby turned and looked. Some waved and I am sure some wished they were on bikes... because it all look so fun. It really was! Pics of the ride will be up later as this ride I was really concentrating on managing the group and making sure our safety is not compromised.

Form up and ready to roll.

Matt taking photos all the way

Boo, Diane and Erwin

Diane.. after the steep slopes, jumps for joy!...cuz its now downslope

Lee and Francis thumbs up at Changi village
We reached Changi village in no time and there was a quite a few group of riders there.. having their meals and waiting for the ferrry to Pulau ubin. We also saw a cool character by the name of KC. He rides a recumbent which is 20+ years. The bike and him is still going strong....keep rolling, Sir!

Having our tummies filled with gorgeous Nasi lemak, carrot cake and other yummies. We headed towards old changi hospital. There was a series of hills which challenged some riders but they eventually reached. The area was cordoned off but it still looks abit scary.. but we did not see anything.. I guess the "thing" must have run away when 26 of us rode up.. yelling, laughing and cursing(why did Taiwoon bring me here..)  

Then we had rolled on to the Monster Guns which was semi completed.. with a new bistro in renovation, aptly named Bunker.

Changi Chapel was another memorable experience. It is a simple chapel and full of narratives of the suffering the POWs had to endure. There was no photography allowed, u just have to take my word for it that it is a good visit.

Lovely ride with great people, what more can u ask for? 
more photos here and Zillon thanks to Matt, Francis for photos and Eddie on the Video!

Cool dude with his rig
Fenced up old changi hospital
15inch calibre.. 
thats called leverage!
The group at monster gun
U can clearly see they are happy rite? 
notes, remember them...
Simple yet reflective moment at Changi Chapel

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Ah Gu (Great Uncle) who rides

Life is beautiful and amazing. I met Matt on the Kranji ride and he is quite a photographer! What are the chances that he took a photo of my great uncle riding a bike? Well.. that's what he did! Better buy Toto. :)

Abit more of my Ah Gu

My uncle is a simple man and very kind man, who used to have a nose clinic at Race Course road. My childhood days involved hanging around the old clinic which my mum worked as his assistant. I used to cut bales of cotton using this heavy iron cutters, clearing the bloody rubbish and washing the bins. I remember the washroom which is just concrete, the dripping brass tap filling up the big dragon earthen pot. Not too glam.. but that's how I earned my pocket money then. 

Ah Gu would operate on the folks who nose had some "internal growth" He was good, very good. Many came and he would go about in his serene and gentle ways. There was this rows of crazy size nose growth in his clinic which I cannot imagine being inside the noses. But it was. I will try to ask my mum if she still have those photos. 

Fast forward, now that he is old at least 80... he can't continue and retired around the mid 90s if I remember correctly. He also suffered a stroke which he was bed ridden for 2 years and when he recovered somewhat, he took up cycling. He rides daily, slowly around Toa Payoh Lor 8 and Potong Pasir, around the PCN. So if u happen to see him, say hello "ah Gu" and give him a friendly smile and wave. 

Go on.. check it out! That's my Ah Gu!:) Thanks matt for the wonderful pictures! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The guns have fallen silent....24th Oct Sunday ride

Changi battery
I remembered driving pass this sign - "johor battery " in my NS time to Selarang camp but never went in to take a look. These my friends are monster guns that was part of the British defense during World war II.The shells alone is 800 kg!!!  Go figure..and the guns are still least from what I can see in the website.
Around there is the Changi war chapel which doesn't look like much but it kept alot of the soldiers alive thru faith. This is one place which I like to visit and feel the surroundings..
Changi chapel

Old Changi hospital

Another place which we will visit is the old Changi hospital and old army barracks. Old changi hospital because it was the filming spot for the truly original SG ghost story.. I think we will just skirt pass it... More infor here... real or fake, you decide. 

Here is the route details. Time 0730. 24th Oct, Sunday. We meet the open air car park F3.This is the end of the east coast park(near the  ride along the coastal road to Changi village.. around the Changi barracks and old hospital area.. then we will head toward Selarang camp where the monster guns and Chapel are located.. then make our way back to ECP.  u can see more detail here 

Interested? pls sign up here

Now.. let's ride, load ur cameras and waterbottles and roll!
route and point of interest

Start point - Carpark F3

Kranji ride video by Daddy Eddie

Wonderful video by Eddy and family... :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kranji ride with friends - 17th Oct 2010

Riding is fun, I get to meet different friends. This time man... was there many friends! 20 riders came! Hello! I have problems remembering all but it was a great pleasure to meet and ride alongside u!  Lets see if I got it correct..... Francis, Wai Thong, Gim yeow, Mac, Mr Teo, GL, Matt, Clarence, Daniel, Badul, Zul, Hamid, Eric, Tommy, Eddie, Wife, Marcus and Kenneth and of course Zul!  Special mention:  Marcus is in Pri 4 and Kenneth in Pri3 and they rode very well and took on the slopes with nary a sweat... and mummy needs more training.. still, we all made it! Well done!
To the heros who braved the rain together, well done!

Ok, write-up proper..
Meeting location was at Kranji MRT. This ride should be special, I I was driving around the locality.. and it was! As we approached the start off time, one by one came... then to make it more interesting, the heaven thundered and roar. Black skies.. oh oh.. no good.. and then it came.. first drizzle and then it poured..lots of it. As the rain slowed down some what, we left the station and headed to towards the Kranji war memorial.  The place was sombre, yet dignified.  I could feel the quiet presence and also the sadness.

Me and Chris wrote our personal comments in the visitor log. With the rain pelting down, I tried to feel how it was like under trying conditions with bullets and nasty things coming towards u. For the country, our country. Thank you all for your sacrifice, you will not be forgotten!
Kranji War memorial
Eddy, Sandy, Marcus(blue) and Kenneth - Riding as a family, in the rain! Thumbsup!
Pouring rain... I could literally take a shower..

Oh..when will it stop.. 

Next stop was the Kranji dam, by then rain stopped somewhat and it was really nice and cooling. The traffic at the Kranji junction was abit busy and please be careful if u do decide to visit this area.  Rolling pass an old army camp, it brought back memories. This was the place where we all got our uniforms and boots. Now the place has been partially torn, awaiting to be rebuilt to some fancy condo or shopping centers. A shame I cant stop and visit due to the traffic and the place being locked up...
Old Army barracks at Kranji road

Kranji road.. waiting for red light.. checkout  rider lines
Stopping by Kranji dam car park, we stopped for a break and snapped away. It was quite a scene, 20+ riders talking and taking pics of themselves, their friends, their friends bikes. Trying out other bicycles and chatting. This is nice... that's how riding should be, not by brands or what model of bike you ride, but just ride because you like it and because you do! 

taking shots, sharing thoughts
The route to Bollywood veggies was abit hilly but we got their eventually. Ivy was really gracious when she saw our group of "cham par lan" bicycles trying to find parking at the front.  Holding her coffee, she ushered us in and chatted. She even took us personally around her fabulous farm, explaining the plants and type. More interestly, was that she talked about her family, her past and made the visit very engaging. I was also very touched when I saw she was giving many of the lesser privileged folks a place to work and show their stuff.  I bought a book from Shery Oh Siew May at the stall. The first page reads like this.. "love can bring light to darkness and create a miracle." indeed, that is so! Siew May even signed my copy for me. That's very nice of u. Siew May, Rock on! 

For those who want to know about the cool Bollywood and the wonderful pple, details are here.. and pls tell Ivy I sent you!
The Author herself!

No problems for our bicycles... 
water pond at Bollywood
real good herbs!
This is baluku... 
enuff fill in yours 
Nasi lemak at Bollywood veggies, nice
Ivy Singh, an inspirational lady!

Riding towards Lim chu kang jetty

Hay daries followed which some how lost its initial soul..can't describe it.. perhaps it is because u can't pet the goat or that it felt too "factory like" 

Last stop was to be a special jetty at end of Lim Chu Kang. Zul who works around there, showed the way...and it was beautiful. Further proof, there is beauty everywhere. If u look hard enough. That's all folks and have a nice day!