Monday, October 31, 2011

30th Oct 2011 Monster gun ride

Another awesome ride with friends....  more then 60 came! Henry, this is for u!
LCSG @ Old changi hospital
Israwi with his handbuilt cargo bike. And it can be detached!! Awesome
LCSG @ Monster guns
Queen Hong!
Surf's up... let go!
Full set of photos here  << Here is also write up by Kevin Wu

Friday, October 28, 2011

Goodbye Henry! Tribute to a fellow LCSG kaki

Henry smiling @ Desaru
Sir Henry with his very cool SEVEN MTB!!
laughing and sweating... after the cool ride!
This is a tribute to one of our cycling Kaki, Mr Henry Lam who passed away yesterday. Quiet and reserved. Henry would join our rides, all decked up in very cool gear and bikes. I remembered once we decided to "turbo" and go full out at the Changi coastal road.  I was on my moulton and Henry was directly behind drafting with his Seveb MTB. Followed closely by Clyde Teo. Huffing and puffing as one.... "Dun mind I draft u hor?" Henry hollered behind.. and we just rolled and rollde.. that was one heck of a ride! Reaching the end point, some of our MTB/roadie friends were quite shocked we actually arrived so quickly. The effort took its toll on us. Clyde simply fell off his bike and panted on the grass, wah lau... so tiring.. 
Henry and myself were gasping for air, sweat all over our faces... But big grin and smiles. Shiok arhh.. :)  That was on 26th June 2011, Road Safety workshop 
Henry, it is a pleasure to meet and ride alongside you! You will be missed by all our fellow LCSG cycling kakis!
ps: Memorial services will be held at Blk 234A Serangoon Ave 2 on 28 and 29 Oct at 8pm. Cremation on Sun Oct 30 at 345pm Mandai Hall 4. Cortege leaving 245pm"
Clyde sitting on the grass after the crazy spinning session
From Other LCSG kakis 
Andrew wan: "You shared a joke about your experience with Rodalink, on how they mixed up your enquiry for Shimano cycling shoes that turned out to be Shimano fishing shoes instead. Hope you'll find sometime to wear them in Heaven. :) RIP, my friend."
Diane:" This is Henry on the day I met him. I remember him because he helped me fix my chain. He had the deepest laugh lines, I knew at once that he was a kind soul. Rest in peace dear friend."
Kimi :Cant remember when was the last ride i had with Henry..but i remember clearly during the ROS ride, Henry was there with Julia and we were still chatting on how many bikes he had...also abt his new BF bike...he was supposed to come along with us for the pengarang as well as the Bintan is just so unpredictable & vulnerable....sighs....My deepest condolences to the family....
Mr Teo: “Bro Henry, Sad to know that we miss you for we share the same passion, we are in the mid of setting up our llama to ride with you. Mine Deepest Condolence.”
Clarence Chang:” Dear Julia, i am shock and sad but My Deepest condolences to you and ur family....Dear Henry, it is my fullest pleasure riding with u and share joke with will be missed .Rest In Peace....”
Francis Chu ‎Julia Lam, I will miss Henry's kind smile. I met him last month and had SMS exchange with him last week. He is always gentle with a sense of humor, even when he is not in his best 
physically condition. My condolences to you and your family.
Michael Khaw My condolences to you, Julia Lam and your family. Henry will be dearly missed by many...
Lim George I know Henry way back when we were riding MTB. Lost contact till we meet agains during LoveSG ride. My Deepest condolences to his family.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is Lovecyclesg!

Well done Matt for capturing the spirit of what we are all about! Join us. Any bike, any brand. We ride as one!

23rd Oct Hortpark and Lor mee ride

Ready? Cheezze or should I say...cycleeeee!!
Steven and his loves
Really good lor mee... dun believe ask those who tried...
Andrew:" whazza with ur mask" 
Now when was the last time u been here....
Nice writeup by Kevin on the ride here. And you can see more photos here of the fun fill ride. Enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

City touring slowly?

City Tourer at Sentosa, 1993 :)  yes, it is a fully working prototype!
Design sketches. Back then, there was no computer. Just marker, pastel. Front sitting for better views!
The recent cargo bike news on the internet and cycling activities in Singapore made me think about a project I did back in 1993. I was studying product design at Temasek Polytechnic and my final year project was called City tourer.
The idea is to re-invent the Trishaw as a viable form of touring vehicle in the city. How many times have u visited a place by bus. Get on a bus, drive to a place of interest, de-bus. Click click. Get back to the air con comfort and zoom to the next place. In the haste to zoom from one place to another. Very often we fail to see, smell and experience the small, nice things in life. So enter the City tourer. Designed with a snail like form, to encourage more people to use it. With an iconic design, I hoped that it could become a part of Singapore city scape.  The Canopy is solar panel to provide power for the electric power assist motor. This should make it easier to pedal around.  The front seat folds up like a cinema seat so that the passenger access is easy and when not in use, can keep dry.
I hoped that it might be adapted and be commercialised.  I was close. Sentosa actually approached my school, did a series of surveys and it was displayed and road test at Sentosa.  Later on, I had to do my national service and the followup fizzled some what.... anyway, here is my City tourer! Let me know if u like it and I am trying to find my video.... later.  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Learning from Dutch and feedback to our Transport Minister

I read this yesterday night and was very inspired. 
If u haven't please see this very interesting article
Didn't know that Holland was occupied by cars... all the while I just have this impression that bicycles have always been there. It wasn't.  Well, I shared this article with our Transport minister Mr Lui Tuck Yew and it is also generating some buzz on his facebook. Except, we have still yet to hear from him.... yet:) Well if u like to hear from Mr Lui, I think u can help by just putting in ur comments and concerns here.
My personal comments at Mr Lui FB " Just picked up cycling 3 yrs ago. And I met alot of nice friends and families who cycle along the way. With the cars and oil prices going up the roof, I really considering to cycle commute to work. What is stopping me now is the lack of safe riding conditions on the roads. If u like, I offer to bring u and ride alongside with u to show u how appalling the road conditions are. Look forward to ur answer

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bicycles changing the world? Yes. It can happen!

This morning I saw this on the internet. Wow! Imagine being a part of this and if Singapore can start to embrace cycling as a real form of transport. Cycling not just lycra, super fit type but for real people. For just moving around. With families, friends and having a good time. Watch this video! And here is Liz Canning website, see how u can be a part of the documentary and do ur bit. Yes, even in Singapore!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

16th Oct 2011 - LCSG supports World Hospice day

@ TTSH start point of the World Hospice day ride
LCSG is a group with a heart. So even when it is very tiring after cycling through the night, a bunch of 128 LCSG iron butters carried on and participated in the ride. All for a good cause. We were joined by the rest of the lovecyclingsg crew- Diane, Gywn, Kevin, Derrick and Nick Wong. A total of almost 500 riders turned up to support the hospice ride, making for quite a carnival event.
Kimi and Gywn in a nice cooling morning

Ok, here is the not so nice bit, but is important to share. I hope this does not sound like a lecture but having all of the riders ride at the same time is a very dangerous act. There are too many variables that could go wrong. The rider's skill level and types of bike were bunched up so tight that it was really abit hairy for me and my friends.
lots of traffic towards Lavender road
Diane with her apple green Brompton
Saw Bing with here crew... drumming as one!
I hope for the future mass rides, that it should be spilt into more manageable packs so that riders do not clog up traffic like what was experienced on the actual day. The cycling route should be better planned to make use of the Park connector or have traffic marshal to isolate some real danger spots. Like the junction at Moulmein/CTE/Balestier area , the crazy 3 lane switch on kallang road which riders have to move 3 lanes from left to right. While at the same time many cars, bus zoom in dangerously close to the riders. This is the spot that one of the riders was seriously injured. Last evening, I checked with Elaine is that he is now in a stable condition and out of ICU. That's good news!
The injured rider affected me alot as we rode towards the end point at ECP. I thought to myself;" how can I make our LCSG rides safe yet fun for all. More really needs to done for Singapore Cyclists..." Riding on the roads at certain sections is really too dangerous - my mind still on the 3 lane switch, and I will definitely avoid this road junction - That's really all I can do...and blog about it.
While we want to promote cycling as an alternative way and a good mode of transport. The infrastructure is really more car centric and not catered for cyclist.  All it takes is a nasty bad accident to set us back into the dark ages. Friends, please ride safe, be safe. Stay alive! Well done LCSG for ur time and supporting the world hospice day!
PS. Thank you Mr Teo for your generous contribution!
4wheel eco car :) 

End point at ECP carpark B4 area... here I was about to drop and sleep on the grass...

15th Oct 2011 - LCSG folks got heart. 128 night ride account- 爱骑车。爱友谊

Team Sleepy Gonzales
Team Panda  
Team Titanium Butt
Team Flying Turtle 

爱骑车。爱友谊 << This is from Kim, and is my biggest take away... 

80 folks met at ECP Mac to embark on a 128km loop around Singapore. This time, we did it east wards. The route is ECP Mac>> Changi Village>> Punggol>> Yishun>> Sembawang>> Woodlands>> Kranji>> Lim Chu Kang>> NTU>> Jurong West>> Pandan Loop>> West Coast road>> VivioCity>> Lau pak Sat >> ECP Mac.  And a bunch of us also continued to Tan tock Seng for the World Hospice Day.
The folks were split into 4 groups to ensure safety and better coordination.  They were as follows:
1) Sleepy Gonzales led by Sir KC and Sweeper Zack.
2)Panda group 2, led by Chief Panda Clarence Chang and Sweeper Vince Li.
3) Titanium Butt group 3, led by Titanium butt Chief Patrick Yee and Sweeper Adrianne Lee
4) Flying Turtle group 4, led by Encik George Lim and Master Sweeper Steven lim, Andy Yap and Boo.
First pack started around 8pm with 10 min intervals.We had cooling weather and no rain. The darkness however made it quite difficult for identification and we were very lucky to have Sean  and Vince Li sponsor the group, light sticks and blinking straps. To make the event even extra special, David Eng and Joeel worked hard to design and personally made the limited edition glow in the dark stickers. Only for those who rode. Not for sale.
Limited edition Sticker. Design by Joeel and hand made by David Eng
roll off!
at night... it is good to have plently of blinkers!
Andy and Kimi @ Changi village... sup sup water... 
@Kranji 7-11, tired but in good spirits:) 
Through out the ride, I could hear shouts of encouragement egging each other on. Music blarring away. Folks sharing all their candies, deep heat, chocolates, power bar. What a team! Everyone looked out for one another. Special mention and really unforgetable was meeting LCSG Angels @ 3am in the morning. They took the form of Steve and Bernice. Waving down the cycling groups and giving out cold 100plus drinks and bannanas. That was so nice of them! When most would be sleeping, they came out of their way to cheer the team.. I am touched by their gestures and I know many too on that day. Thank you Angels!
Bernice waving banananas for the riders
LCSG Angels Steve and Bernice
Don't look like much but it all comes from the heart. That is all that matters
mobile pitstop in the middle of the nite... 3am to be exact! 
With the constant chatting and cursing.... we eventually ended the ride at ECP. Thankfully no major incidents and all who completed was on a high. Elaine Pan, smiled and told me... "Backside pain... but feeling very good. I like it! yayyyh" And Joeel, who suffered from knee pain in the middle of the ride... grin and soldered  on. It was really a feat of endurance when I saw the pain written on his face. The coolest part... when he arrived... .team turtle lined up and cheered!
Dear, I love u! 
Master Sweeper with KSL and Eman

Lastly I want to give my biggest thanks to all leads and sweepers and old birds for looking out for their flock and friends.  Thank you very very much for the the excellent sweeping by Steven Lim, Andy Yap and Boo. To ensure that the slower riders could find their way. What a ride and I could hear murmings of ..."this is chicken feed... maybe we combined KODH with 128km!!!" wah lau... u all very hard core... hmm should we or shouldnt we? Tell me what u think?   More photos here

Thursday, October 13, 2011

LCSG 128 km Hoot nite ride... 15th Oct Sat 2011

Design by Joeel lee 
Friends....are you and ur steel horse ready? This Sat we will be embarking on a 128 round island ride once again. We start at ECP Mac Donalds 730pm  and do the reverse way this time, via ECP -Changi village- Punggol- Yishun - Sembawang- Woodlands- Kranji-Lim chu kang- Jurong- West coast road-MBS inner city area- ECP. Last one in should be by 0730....
To make it even more exciting. We will do another meaningful short ride for world hospice day!  This will extend our distance to 168 km which will equal to a century ride! I don't know if we can make it but I promise I will try. Cheer for us and if u see some strange lighted cyclists roaming the roads in the evening and early morning...thats should be us! Wet weather is a high probability, so waterproof ur iphone, wallet and make sure ur bikes are in working order.  The clock ticks.... and I await this ride with a bated breath... Rock and roll time!
Last if u are not ready.. check here for Encik George pointers... u got 3 more days!

Think our train system can be better? now is ur chance to speak. 
 Ok ok, I am with u... I also don't know why they need your home address and phone number while on the other hand, they hide under the LTA umbrella. U try to find anyone about it... there is not contact number, face or email..... but still I would give it a shot, and a open mind. :)
If u are shy about it... can also post on our lovecyclingsg facebook wall. We will help to convey the message. :) Thanks!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I long for a day......

London tube signage by taiwoon

this is what we see at our train station... 

This is a photo by Jok kwang and I was told taken outside Euston Underground. I look forward to the day when our very own MRT will be embrace the folding bike customer. I think, even if there is additional charge required for bicycle(take up some space), many would still be willing to pay. This would be a great way to resolve the last mile issue.
SMRT, and my friends... what do u say?

In chinese by Kim,
这照片是我朋友Jok Kwang 在伦敦尤斯顿(Euston)地铁站外所拍摄的。我真心期待有一天,我们的地铁服务也能接纳与照顾骑折叠单车的乘客。
我想,即便是地铁公司为此要征收多一点车费 (毕竟折叠单车还是会占据车厢的一些空间),很多单车骑士还是会愿意接受的。这未尝不是很好的“最后一公里”(The Last Mile) 解决方案。

George rides to work video

This is the riding route footage by our very own George Lim on his way to work.  To George, cycling is not just a recreational activity but a way of life. He rides to work daily and he loves the ride. I looked at the footage and there is just something about it. Haunting black shadows with the rythymic pedalling motion. The silence just makes the video more powerful. I like to find more folks who ride to work...anyone else?

In chinese translated by Kim
这是我的朋友佐治(George)骑单车上班沿途所见的风景. 对佐治来说,骑单车不止是一种休闲活动,更是一种生活方式和态度。
佐治天天骑单车去上班,很享受这段时光。他的录像里有一样东西深深吸引住我:黑黑紧随的身影,规律地踩动着。 无声的世界却有超强的感染力! 朋友,你也骑车去上班吗?我想认识你!

heartlander human cargo bikes

SG heartlander model. And it is a shimano!
I have a problem. I like to bring my wife and little girl to ride around. The powers of social media and all my friends know of my interest in cargo bike and gave me some interesting ideas. What about a cheapo bicycle that has rear rack and additional seat welded..... huh? Boo meant this... wah lau.. sibay unglam lor.. but I think works.... Got more glamm one? Keep em coming.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CETMA Cargo bikes, are we ready for it?

CETMA on a road trip.. look at the load, so def. can carry kids! Photo credits CETMA 
Recently I have been trying to find ways to bring my little girl and wifey along for the sunday rides and trying to make more family-time while enjoying cycling. I think the answer might be Cargo bikes. So with google... here is one of the site I found . CETMA,  in Lane's actual words...  "CETMA is run by one guy in a simple shop without automation,  mechanized assembly, robots, lasers, sorcery, superpowers or psychic beavers."  For those who are interested, pls go click here to see the cool stuff.
The biggest challenge now is as I live in Singapore HDB apartments, access to my home is by a lift which is about 2.4 m height. So if the cargo bike can be dismantled by quick release.. it would be perhaps something compelling in Singapore... hmmm. Cargo bikes, do u think Singapore is ready for it?

Monday, October 10, 2011

ah mo learns to ride

9th Oct is my birthday. I decided to spend it with the people who are the pillars in my life. Ah momo and Kim. 0630, my girl ran to my bed and woke me up. "Happy birthday papa... can we have Mac donald's :)" How not to? After the breakfast, I asked what she want to do.. and really lah.. she said. "Ride my bike"... So we did. I took my carryme, firstbike and ah mo strawberry bike out of the door. Momo stopped me then and requested that I re-install the pedals back on her strawberry bike. Ok, I did and after a warm up on the first bike. She took her strawberry bike. And yes, she did it! Pedalled 8 metres on the first few tries! Smiling ear to ear, me and my wife was there to witness our champion first time riding a bike! What a wonderful birthday gift!

Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY mods from Queen Boo - Not glam but it works!

Singapore has been raining quite a fair bit and if u commute like Boo, fenders would be a good idea to reduce the splashing. Rather then taking the easy way out of buying,  she made them. Yes. She did! Sibay cool lor!  Come see Queen Boo approach to bicycle improvisation! Salute!
So what is ur DIY mods for u bicycle? send me a email or ping me. I like to see!
clear disponsable cup converted to mud guards
DIY ala Boo bento box - Esp. good for long rides. Just punch 2 holes on a museli bar box, tip tie on the bike!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birdwatching @ AMK

Untitled by taiwoon
Untitled, a photo by taiwoon on Flickr.
One of the cool things on cycling is that u will see many small interesting facets of life. There is a birdwatching club at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 where many people gather to watch birds. Watch birds? What's that? I know some animal activists would say, that's so inhumane. Birds should be set free, not in cages. Wah lau..... come on man... If this translated to cycling = I got a Bike friday Lama, it needs to be on a real tour. Get muddy, get wet, do some real camping and really be ridden in the potholed outbacks of Laos...sure lah.. but can just say.. I like just it lah. Full stop. I digress....
Well, as many who know me...  I like to say, different strokes for different folks.Let's not judge but accept people for who they are. It is obvious to me that they like it. Birds of the same flock gather together. And for us, cycling brings us together.
Oh, in case u trying to find this place, it is just beside the Kong Long Pau shop, near C2C.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bike share and cars. Musings from a pungolian :)

mummy and her precious
I am a parent of a lovely 4 year old and live in the heartlands of pungol. It is a beautiful place and great for cycling. Recently my buddy Francis shared with me his bikes share concept he have been thinking and designing for sometime. Personally, I think it is cool and bicycles could be part of a overall transport solution. But it is not the "silver bullet" that can solve everything. There is an issue of the "the last mile" where people are finding it difficult to reach their desired location, ie home, work, meeting points. I am talking about the mass transport means in SG like MRT, bus systems. I know and very hearten to hear that plans are under way to improve the mass transport but the "fire" is already burning. As such,commuting cycling(if there is this term) athough it is quite hazzardous are also beginning to get more popular in Singapore. I know of a few riders cycling to work, in comparison with none 3 years ago.
In all this changes happening, what is being done for the new parents? I hear with great dread that our transport minister is planning to reduce the quota of cars. Quoted"we can't grow the car population so fast.... " to me it equals to even crazy car prices putting them out of reach of the common folks. For the well heeled, it doesn't really matter. It is a pinch but still ok. I find it sad cuz we are using simply COE and cash to sort out who can own a car. If u don't have money, sorry lor. Take mrt, bus. I just want to share that if u have a baby, little children, or elderly folks. Try taking the mass transport.Dun get me started on taxi booking,try it on peak hours.... It is impossible. I know we are all bicycles lovers, I am one. But frankly my friends, cars have a place in our society. I hope that the cars entitlement caters not just for people with money, but also have a consideration for the needs.For families with little children or elderly. Perhaps it can promote more couples to start their families.
If there is any country that can do it, I think is ours. Comments?

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Love is in the air" Ride 2nd Oct 2011

Secret mission done and completed! yeah! thanks to my "ninjas" Steve Tan, Bernice, Gwyn, Kevin and many more! Video by Eddie sharing the special moments on the ride. Also u can see the blog account from my friend Kevin and Gwyn too!  Our heartest congrats to Han boon and Yvette! :)
Also shared by the folks on Nparks!
writeup by Team Nparks! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bicycle with a soul...Really? Zun bor?

BF and Brompton in harmony, for once :) 
Cyclist are an interesting lot. When it comes to their bicycles it would invariably invoke strong feelings and brand loyalty. What comes to my mind is Brompton and bike Friday. To me both are good bikes and it baffles me to see the tension and big arguments on cyberspace and kopi talk.... It is like comparing Ferrari and porsche. In my humble opinion, both are good but they ride different and look different.
Some proponents (of BF or Brompton) will cite the fold, theirs the best, heritage and how the bikes are about handcraft(I am guilty of that too) and really does that matter?
I sometimes find myself "overselling" the bicycles and gear. Especially to the non-cycling friends and community. In their minds they must be thinking "wah lau...2K leh...can buy motorbike and u tell me ur bicycle cost so much, Zun bor? Inside got gold is it? What you talking about soul?"  I am sure they like to know how and why do such innate tubes and rubber become such passion of desire? What goes in the minds of these people - like me...
Bicycle with a soul? Or perhaps what I am talking about "soul" is in the conversations while riding, feeling the cool breeze. La-ing kopi and chatting over all kinds stuff. Although it is small has the magical power to bond. And I love it!  So what moves ur mojo so to speak? I like to know....
FYI, this is my first entry using the iPad, edited abit on macbook pro(typing is faster) :)