Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY mods from Queen Boo - Not glam but it works!

Singapore has been raining quite a fair bit and if u commute like Boo, fenders would be a good idea to reduce the splashing. Rather then taking the easy way out of buying,  she made them. Yes. She did! Sibay cool lor!  Come see Queen Boo approach to bicycle improvisation! Salute!
So what is ur DIY mods for u bicycle? send me a email or ping me. I like to see!
clear disponsable cup converted to mud guards
DIY ala Boo bento box - Esp. good for long rides. Just punch 2 holes on a museli bar box, tip tie on the bike!


  1. How about beer cans? :D

  2. hey Starringme, how things? Beer cans? hummm.. I dont see why not?

  3. Sup? Good, except for the rainy weather haha. Cheers