Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going slow....

Slowly does it...                     Photo credits Jay Rochlin of Tucson Velo

Just found a gem of an article by Jay Rochlin of Tucson Velo which I want to share.  Interestingly named How to ride your bike slower
Huh??  Why would anyone want to go slow?  I get that alot when I ride around our sunny island.  So I am glad to read that Jay shares the same mindset and some favorite equipment - Keen sandals, checked! Brooks B17, checked, Mud guards, checked.... oh oh.. I wear Lycra... while he wear cotton... anyway.. I find that he did a fabulous job articulating his thoughts and also a "how to ride slow list". I like to add more how to ride slow too..

1) Put something non=performance and fun on your bike. Flowers, birds, basket, mud guards..  For me,  I put a small pig mascot. My favorite is a pig titled.. "Pigs can fly"
2) Bar end shifters - This are not suitable to shift on the fly. So u have to be really slow and deliberate. Totally low tech but nice for slow ride.
3) Tag to a friend and chat along the way. Not just shouting "car back", but really chat. About anything, the weather,  food, design... This will slow down your riding speed and u can really know a friend.
4) Volunteer as a Sweeper on rides.. haha.. yah I am looking for help on rides. But really, playing sweep allows you to chat with the other riders. Sweep is actually the toughest role and it is not easy to ride slowly. I suggest again.. to chat with fellow riders and this makes the ride so much more enjoyable.
5)Look, I mean really take it all in... Bring a camera... to capture the seemingly normal but beautiful surroundings. You will find beauty everywhere... and you will ride slower, definitely.

Enjoy the wonderful article by Jay!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

nice morning ride/chat with ZbNOW

Sun is out.. let's ride! 
wanna ride? 
Boo and Clarence, Lovecyclingsg Angel Guardians! 
I have a feeling Pink will be really in trend very soon! Lovely color isnt it? 
Stylo milo Steven and Clarence
latest summer wear by lovecyclingsg. This color is called Summer yellow!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Moon Cake festival anyone?

photo credits - Queen Boo
We are not just about cycling.. it is also about meeting people, cool and fun people. Come 12th Sept, Queen Boo have kindly stepped forward to organize a lantern/Moon cake festival get together. Bring ur Gf/ Bf/Families!  Ok lah.. bicycles also count as lanterns! make it bright and bling bling! haha.
Mark ur calenders and I will see u there! Details here!

28th Aug 2011, Visit to Seletar Airbase and Jln Kayu roti prata

Amy and Adriane
from Left, Steven Lim, Kathryn, KSL, Emman and Jolly
shoes show a diversity of cycling styles... it is all ok! Come and ride with us!
Lovecyclingsg @ birdcage lane, Seletar airbase
28th Aug, Sunday. We met as usual for the Lovecyclingsg ride. This was Adriane first ride as a Lead rider. Over the last week, he helped to plan the route and update the ride attendees.  There was about 24 riders and after his route briefing at Khatib MRT, we rolled slowly in the direction of Seletar Airbase, assisted by the regulars like Clarence, Steven Tang, Steven Lim and Boo.
We also showed the folks the new road to Punggol which connects Yishun and makes for a nice and relaxed ride.  What I really like about our group is that we have a mix of every thing. From Roadies, foldies, mountain bikes... branded or non brand, all having a good time and just cycling as a team. Let's keep it this way!
As we rode close to Seletar airbase, most of us were very hungry and we made a detour to have a Roti prata breakfast at Jalan Kayu. The pratas at Thasevi were good but abit too expensive in my opinion.  I remember a plain prata used to cost 50cts and now it cost $1.00... talking about some inflation going on.  With our stomaches setttled, we cycled in Seletar airbase, took a photo at Brompton street. Derek was so happy and Steven Tang not soo..  Nice and short romp around seletar.. do visit it before the place get changed even more.  The rest of the ride photos here... below Video is from Boon yeo(thanks buddy!)
Lastly, well done, Adriane for leading the ride and many thanks to the regulars to make it a safe and fun ride for all!
Derek wants to bring home...
Featuring the Brompton B boys!
Daddy Wilson, Joel and Mummy Elaine riding as a family!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

King of the hill (KODH) ride recce

Wanna know how it feels to ride up Singapore steepest slopes? Think foldies can't do slopes? Think again. We will do KODH next week.
It is not just about just making up the slope.. we will do this as a team, sweat it out, laugh it out... I know it will be a damm tough ride but we will make it! Yeah!!
Come on by to cheer ur friends, Wife, hubby, Boyfriend/gal friend. They will need it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Momo sketch of Mr AM :)

Last Sunday, Momo suddenly pull me and said she want to draw my bike. My Moulton... so i pulled a table and stool, got her drawing block and she produced this master piece! Lovely isn't it! 
momo's  sketch! 

First rider - learning how to ride - Review day 1

Wanna ride?
Ah mo with First Bike with daddy LCSG pose!
My girl is now 4 and if u read my blog u will know she is beginning to learn to ride a bicycle. For now, she rides a strawberry bike with the pedal taken out.It kind of works but recently I was shown a bike by Lifecycle's Simon  which aims to help a child learn to ride and find their sense of balance. 
Enter First bike,  designed in Germany, the product is simple and no frills. Light enough to be chucked into a back of a car and bring to any Park connector or just buzzing around the neighbourhood. 

This are some photos of my momo in action...  She seems to just get into the groove very quickly. We were laughing and joking around the PCN. Judging from her laughs and smiles.. I think this is a good toy for any child learning to ride and makes for a nice family bonding.

I will update more as she progress along in a week or so....Stay tune! 
More photos here

u just paddle along... this helps the child get a sense of balance
momo pointing at the Seat height adjust knob...
Its light! See I can even carry it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lovecycling night ride 23rd Aug2011 - ride account

Lovecycling crew @ Mandai Shell Station  -- Photo credits Billy Loy
George conducting the ride briefing and safety pointers  -- Photo credits Billy Loy
Ok har... we go slow! yah rite...  -- Photo credits Billy Loy
Red light... rest and catch my breath s  -- Photo credits Billy Loy
George aka Mr Ben and Jerry suggested we meet and train a bit on the slopes one day- for the Taiwan trip come March 2012.... and a few clicks on the Facebook later... there was 200 over comments and 27 riders confirmed to do a night ride on a Tuesday.  Meeting at the start point, it felt carnival-like. People looking like Christmas trees and all things blinking. As we reached Seletar Dam, another group of lovecycling folks joined us. Overall I think it was about 50 ish - 60 riders! Outstanding!  Rolling on towards Mandai Rd and spinning up the slopes. I smiled, yes! This is what cycling is about.! Thank you George for leading the ride and many other old birds to look out for the new birds... And Lastly a Big thank you to Billy for the photos!
Next week ride details... here !

Monday, August 22, 2011

Momo learns to ride - 4 years old

Some photo of momo @ 4years old.I took out the pedals so that it is easier for her to shuffle on the floor. After a few weeks... she is almost learning how to balance....  Yayyyy! Almost there!
Ready when u are!
take out the pedal and just push along... wheeeee!
Everything got to be color coordinated..right aunty Mary?
sexy back!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

George Lim - Mr Ben and Jerry

George, the healthier choice!
Leading a ride for lovecyclingsg in George's style!
Want 100 plus?? Follow me! 
George and team turtle having a detour on the Iron butt 128km 

Mt Bromo, East Java in the 90s
This is George Lim, Encik, LCSG lead rider for turtle group on the first iron butt event. He did it in style pulling along a trailer loaded with 100plus, chocolates and ice. Just so that his team can have some refreshment when the going gets tough.  That's just amazing!  Always the leader of the pack and never shying from helping, anyone. George is fast becoming a lovecyclingsg regular and readily shares his extensive bicycling experience.  Come next March 2012, George together with 20 riders will attempt to ride up Taiwan highest slopes. That would be really cool! Encik George,  keep it in coming and thank you for ur inspiring efforts!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Uncle Happy

Uncle Happy Tan
Things happen. Sometimes, they just happen. Today was a bloody hot day. After dropping off my little girl for her Sat Violin class, I went in search of old shop recommended by Chris Wee which might have the extinct 1" ultra short ahead threadless stem I was looking for. Reaching the shop, I met an elderly figure by the name of Mr Tan. He listened patiently to my needs and went fumbling around his shop. The place is a treasure trove of old parts and bits of history every where. Surprisingly, he came up with a few close alternatives but nothing caught my fancy. If this was another shop, I think I would be given the ..."wah lau..what u want..."  look but he was just cool about it. Gave me his number and told me to call him in a couple of days to check if he can find a closer match. Wahh... I was so touched. I just looking for a cheapo stem ... now that's called service!
quietly toiling along.. 

Something from Italy
no flashy tools ... it just works
I true wheels. That's what I do. 
Chatting with him, it turns out Mr Tan has been in operation for 30 over years. .  His motto is "just be happy, u happy, I am happy"  In a quiet dusty corner, I spotted a faded photo frame of a short european with Mr Tan in his younger days. And he just quietly smiled.. "oh that's Mr Colnago himself... I used to sell lots of colagno and he came to my shop lah...."  Talking to him was like taking a lesson on life. Be happy and be nice to others and nice to urself.  I know I am in the presence of a Giant in the SG bicycle biz... a gentle giant who is big enough to be nice to all.
Thank you Uncle Happy Tan for the wonderful chat and I will be back for my funny stem soon!
More photos on Uncle Happy Tan shop here 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kimi - Lovecyclingsg Queen of Bintan slopes

I met Kimi around 5 months ago on our Sunday rides. She rode a Cannodale MTB that day. Every so chirpy and helpful, Kimi has since got herself a Blue Bike friday Tikit, znged in all things blue. To get her excited, just show her some blue parts... and all hell will break lose..
Well, she is not all glamm and no go. She is a good rider and keeps up with the speedy gonzales. Recently being crowned Queen of Bintan slopes for her super woman efforts in tackling the steep slopes.  Keep on riding and znging. Glad to have u on board Kimi!
Kimi and her Tikit   photo credit Sir KC
Suffering as a team at Bintan   Photo Credits - Sir KC

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

King of da hill ride coming up in 1 month time (4th Sept 2011)

Design by Joeel Lee
They say what don't kill u, make u stronger. As per requested by the fellow Iron butters for more challenge. I present u the King of Da hill ride!  Okie dokie... u got  1 more month! Details here:

Monday, August 8, 2011

2XU cycling bib - my personal review

Sorry, won't show u how I look...machiam WWF westler.. kinky yes.. but it really works!
Plush cushion...and made it Italy..wahhhh 
Here's how I got into 2XU stuff.. For the record, I am not sponsored ok..
I went on the Mekong ride not really knowing what to expect. So...being the KS guy.. I googled for technology that can help save my butt. Besides the all important Century Butt cream(really works), I found that 2XU , a company based from Australia is doing some really cool sport stuff.  Their idea is  compression suits that apparently help to reduce cramps and aid recovery.  The company focus alot on sport science and works with real people to improve their performance... Now, I must state first that I am not the super duper athletic guy. I just want to survive the ride in a piece... and after talking and reading about compression suits, I went and both my first 2XU cycling bib. Some what skeptical if this is snake-oil, mambo voodoo..techno gizmodo...
Oh why Bib you ask? Bib version because my buddy Darren reccomended me due to his Tri-activities..and he swears by it.. so ok lor.. I try. 
And after 1 month of use... I must say I was really impressed. It really works! my muscle is less sore and butt is feeling good with the multi-layer cushioning(I have a sensitive butt). This will be less effective on PCN rides but if u are going for an iron butt, I would strongly suggest u get one.  Some more u will look like a season pro(even if u aren't...haha..)
Me with 2XU and Mike at Mekong ride!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reply from Joshua Hon (Tern)

Guess what I got on my mail today (see below). It was Josh hon replying directly to my queries on the Tern brand and bike!  Now, while we have our differences in opinions, I am impressed with the clear and no BxxSxxx reply from Josh. He is clearly passionate about  the Tern brand and bikes. So much so that the company gives a free bike to their staff if they want to commute( by bike)! If that's not commitment, I don't know what to call it. Looking forward to try the Tern bikes! I heard it is coming to SG real soon! 


June 23 
  Hello Josh, My name is Taiwoon and I am from Singapore and I love folding bikes and anything with wheels. I do sunday rides which I try to get everyone to ride bicycles... Pls have a look at my blog which I keep a blog account on things cycling, foldies and our Sunday rides account. I like what u did while u are at Dahon(like the bags which can store in cupboard or under the bed" and I am very excited to know u have setup Tern. And I actually wrote about it... I want to clarify that I am not trying to "bash" u or Tern up.. just stating my perspective and hopefully u can also respond and share with me ur thoughts. Thanks for ur time to read this,

Hi Woon - sorry for my late reply - I didn't see this. I like your blog. I think your comments are perfectly fair if you've only seen our video. But today we'll go live with additional product info. Sure on outward appearance, there is a lot similar between Dahon and Tern which is to be expected considering that it's the exact same teams doing the Dahon 2011 and Tern 2012 product ranges. But there's also a lot that is very different. The frame joints and handleposts in particular get six new patented technologies. When you see the bikes up close or test ride one, you'll know. Seriously. As for standing for something, we stand for sustainable transport. And that's not marketing talk - we live it. I've walked to work for 19 years and we give a free bicycle to any company associate who wants to commute to work. Feel free to post this and thanks for your note. 

hi Josh, thanks for the reply! I admire ur passion in sustainable transport and the innovation in folding bikes. Was talking to the local SG Dahon & Tern dealer (MyBikeShop) and looking forward to try out Tern bikes close and personal. Hope to have a chance to ride with u sometime and understand more on the the Tern brand!