Monday, August 8, 2011

2XU cycling bib - my personal review

Sorry, won't show u how I look...machiam WWF westler.. kinky yes.. but it really works!
Plush cushion...and made it Italy..wahhhh 
Here's how I got into 2XU stuff.. For the record, I am not sponsored ok..
I went on the Mekong ride not really knowing what to expect. So...being the KS guy.. I googled for technology that can help save my butt. Besides the all important Century Butt cream(really works), I found that 2XU , a company based from Australia is doing some really cool sport stuff.  Their idea is  compression suits that apparently help to reduce cramps and aid recovery.  The company focus alot on sport science and works with real people to improve their performance... Now, I must state first that I am not the super duper athletic guy. I just want to survive the ride in a piece... and after talking and reading about compression suits, I went and both my first 2XU cycling bib. Some what skeptical if this is snake-oil, mambo voodoo..techno gizmodo...
Oh why Bib you ask? Bib version because my buddy Darren reccomended me due to his Tri-activities..and he swears by it.. so ok lor.. I try. 
And after 1 month of use... I must say I was really impressed. It really works! my muscle is less sore and butt is feeling good with the multi-layer cushioning(I have a sensitive butt). This will be less effective on PCN rides but if u are going for an iron butt, I would strongly suggest u get one.  Some more u will look like a season pro(even if u aren't...haha..)
Me with 2XU and Mike at Mekong ride!

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