Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cycling on pavement and why I do it

Cycling on pavement. This topic will draw a lot of comments on social media. Reason being legally in Singapore, cyclists are supposed to be cycling on the road. With the exception of Tampines, cycling on pavement is illegal.(but not enforced strictly).
However in the actual day to day conditions, we can see many people taking the pavement for mainly safety considerations.
These are the young, the elderly, the folks who are not confident of their riding skills. 
The most common reason given is "vehicular traffic is too fast and aggressive. I am scared of the cars."
I do this too with my gal for the same reason. 
My question when being questioned is always...."would you let your child to ride on the road? Why not?"   

I hope this paradox can change in our sunny island sometime in the future. In the meantime, I will still take to the pavement if the road situation is too dangerous. 
The wide pavement near my home @ Pungool
However, I always keep this 2 points in mind when I am riding on the pavement. Its simple. 
  1. I will give way to pedestrians.  They are the priority. 
  2. Be nice and polite. Do not ring the bell. 

Pedestrian have right of way.
This is a sign I saw in Taipei which I feel works in communicating the direction forward. Cyclists need to give way to pedestrians. There is no other way about it. I hope our agency can adapt for Singapore condition.
The onus must be for cyclists to adapt and walk the bike if the conditions are too crowded. 
Please also do not ring the bell as it irritates the pedestrians. Instead, use a nice apologetic tone with a smile. "Hello, sorry excuse me... passing thru".  I do this all the time and most are very understanding.  
Hope it helps you have a safer and pleasant ride with your loved ones. If there are other good tips, pls drop me a comment so I can edit this to allow better information sharing.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Building a cycling culture in Singapore

Punggol to get cycling paths by 2017

This is fantastic news and good to see more progress for cycling infra in Singapore.  I am very happy as it happens at my town, Punggol! 
This is how Pungol PCN looked in 2010
I use the bicycle to get around my neighbourhood and sometimes with my gal as well. We were also featured with our friends doing a leisurely family ride at Pungol waterway. yeahh! It has never looked for cycling in Singapore!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ride to see Gundam and a nice art effort by social creatives - LCSG sunday ride 14th June 2015

Gundam and LCSG! 

Hi res photo link of event here.
Lovecyclingsg Sunday ride is an effort to connect with riders. New riders who just started out, who are worried to be riding in traffic and not sure if they can do it.  It been happening for 5 years and last sunday even when weather wasn't too good.  Folks still came to join the ride. 
with the drizzle... there were no one around. Thats perfect for riding

Coolest dog with his boss...  matthew
We started at Orchard MRT station, out side Ion. Matthew brought his VVIP (Max) who is a super friendly cool dog.  
We rolled slowly to Takashima to see the Gundam exhibition, but didn't roam around too long as it was drizzling. Quite a sight if love Gundam. 
glad to see Bless after along absence! 

I was told this is the baddie

The bicycle made it very easy to roam round and before we knew it, we were at Scape.

This is the place which did the first bike handling workshop with the help of Simon(lifecycle), Kenneth (Singapore bike school) and of course LCSG angels.

Then I took the folks for a roll to Dempsey road where many cafes and drinking places are located. 
This church still look the same
It didn't look like that 15 years ago. Do you know that Dempsey road used to be the place for National Service and army folks adminstration? Here's the history behind the place  .
For myself, my memories are Singapore Junior flying Club. This is the place I spend a lot of my secondary school days building balsa planes, crashing them and rebuilding them. I was actually quite good at it. And for awhile I actually taught aeromodelling to kids. Good fun but tiring. More on this link. Hmmm maybe I should return to this and teach once more :) 

making it fun for kids 
It rained quite abit... so we went to have a bite
The rain was coming down quite heavy at Dempsey and I cut short the ride and headed toward the comfort of Holland village food market. We had breakfast and then Andy led the way to Blk 8 where there was an art initiative by Social Creatives.
The idea is to bring art to the neighbourhood. Expose children and all on art and the believe that art should be everywhere. Its a very nice and noble idea and I salute their efforts.

Andy sharing abit on this art initiative

Andy looks sad.... bo jio(ask ur singapore friends what it mean) 

Andy inspired artworks 
This is why I like to attend Lovecyclingsg sunday rides. There is always a place I did not know or see. And they are all right here at our own "backyard". Waiting to be explored and appreciated. 
Combined with a folksy easy going attitude, the group continues to pull in new folks every week. Interested? Don't worry... we don't bite. Come and ride with LCSG. Its really an amazing experience! 

Rider Profile Han Jok Kwang

This is a senior whom I have the utmost respect for. He is Jok Kwang and we first met during 2011 raising funds for Japan major earthquake.  We also did this rally video for our friend in Japan
Anyway, back to Jok Kwang. I have seen him several times in LTA, URA workshops and others form of feedback sessions. 

Taking time off his busy schedule to give good, well articulated suggestions. Always very calm and collected.... but at the sametime passionate.  He also got down and dirty to help improve the PCN paths!

sweating it out
His favorite phrase is "Its more useful to engage and participate then play armchair critic."  

Thank you sir for your passion and continued advocacy in promoting cycling! Read more about him here.
igital copy 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PM Lee rides a bicycle during his holidays in Japan

This is really nice picture of our Singapore PM, taken during his holiday in Japan. I think its awesome to see him on a bicycle! Cycling really is a nice way to get around during holidays and even just getting everywhere! 
Taken from PM Lee FB
Later the day, I received a call from Lester of Mypaper asking for my opinion. I hope GC would be a place for all to enjoy. Not overly cleaned up, respecting the history and inherent unique ecosystem.  In case u like to read more, its here 
article @ Mypaper 18June2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cycling in Taiwan 2015

This is a marketing campaign for the launch of the Taiwan round island cycling route. I love it because its more then just cycling.
My wife summarised it very well.
Riding along slowly, and listen to your inner voice.  Rediscover yourself @ 15 km/hr. One crank at a time.