Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cycling can be a viable transport: MP Khaw Boon wan 23rd Oct 2014

Just cycling to market 
Taken from Straits Times, 23 rd Oct 2014

Cycling should not be just a recreational pursuit, but also a viable transport option for short trips around Singapore, said National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan yesterday.

He wrote on his blog that the Government wants Singaporeans to be able to cycle "to the supermarket, coffee shop, hawker centre or the nearest MRT station".
"To do so, we must make such trips safe and pleasant," he said. "Cities are increasingly finding it important to make themselves friendly to pedestrians and cyclists."
Mr Khaw noted that Singapore is lagging "way behind" cities such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, where cycling is part of the "normal way of life".
He praised both European capitals as good examples of cities with "active mobility", where walking and cycling make up over half of all modes of transport.
In contrast, cycling makes up just 1 per cent to 2 per cent of transport modes here, he noted.
Singapore's National Cycling Plan envisions a 700km cycling network by 2030, within, as well as between, neighbourhoods.
By next year, 100km of cycling paths will be built in Yishun, Punggol and Bedok. Eventually, said Mr Khaw, all 26 Housing Board towns will have cycling paths connecting homes to neighbourhood centres and MRT stations.

Singapore is also exploring bicycle-sharing schemes and increasing safe-cycling education initiatives, such as the Safe Cycling Programme for Youth for secondary school students.
Mr Khaw said Singapore has always embraced active mobility, with its extensive Park Connector Network (PCN), pavements and sheltered walkways being examples of this.
The PCN, he said, lets people walk, jog or cycle safely close to greenery. The city itself is "quite walkable", he added.

When contacted, Mr Francis Chu, co-founder of cycling group LoveCyclingSg, said more cyclists are keen to use their bicycles for short daily commutes.
But roads in town centres can be unsafe and intimidating for inexperienced riders, he said.
As for non-cyclists such as motorists, it may be difficult to motivate them to switch to bicycles as driving often gets them to their destinations faster, he said.
"But with improvement of the cycling network, more and more people will start to consider cycling as a serious mode of transport."

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lovecyclingsg 4th Anniversary 12th Oct 2014

Here's some photos of the nice folksy pot luck and kiddo ride we did to celebrate Lovecyclingsg 4th Anniversary.  More here for ur downloadP1060576
What started as a simple idea to meet up with friends and play tourist on our own back yard, turned into something more.
It became a community for cyclists in Singapore. For all kind of bicycle type and brands. Lovecyclingsg is unique where bicycle brands don't really matter. Why should it be? Why should we be judged by the bicycle brand we ride?

4 years of meeting to ride every Sunday to visit places. Its 52 week a years and 208 weekends for 4 years!  That's some commitment. Seriously, it could only be achieved by the tireless efforts of the LCSG Angels. Too many to name but here's some of them. Andy Yap, Berenda, Christine, George Kee, Encik George, Clarence, Nixs, Pierre, Desmond Chia, Jasper, Vince, who quietly run the sunday ride like clock work. Thank you. 
Thank you for believing in the simple idea of E.R.P. Thank you for understanding the magic of simply riding together and having a simple breakfast, coffee to connect with each other.
May Lovecyclingsg continue to thrive and blossom. To more happy rides and years ahead! 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Herman's proposal for a BMX pump track in Singapore

I am totally blown away by this gentleman proposal for a pump track. Usually I see mainly rants and complaints but this is an awesome proposal by someone who obviously knows a thing or two on BMX and most importantly cares enough to do so much work and documentation. I take my hat off him. If you would like to render him some help. Pls contact him via his facebook link.

Monday, October 6, 2014

LCSG 4th year old pot luck and kiddy ride - 12th Oct 2014

Thru cycling, we became friends 

This coming sunday 12th Oct 2014, we will celebrate LCSG 4 year old birthday.  While it appears that things just happen, I assure you that it's not. Its the collective efforts of the LCSG core team that made it possible.
Andy Yap. Christine Gan, George Kee, Wendy Hoo, George lim, Nixs, Jasper, Clarence, Vince Li, Pierre, Steven Tang, Tiger wan, Desmond chia....
To you these might be just names but these are the folks who made it happen. Week after week and month after month. If you want to see selflessness and kampong spirit. This is it.   

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A very very scary comment I saw online on cycling

I saw this posting on cycling in Singapore here
It was about a lady cycling along the road and a bus behind her. There were comments on how it slowed down the bus and that cyclists shouldn't cycle on the road. One especially vicious comments was by this person.  
This was her comments on the cyclist. " Eeleenz Liang some cyclist should juz get run over.." What is going in her mind??? I hope she seriously reflects on her comments. It's scary!
No one should be hurt or killed because he or she choose to take the bicycle as a way to commute.  The fact that this lady chose to take the bicycle option, she is also taking a car (in case she drives) out of the jam and reduce the traffic issue. Now what's wrong with that? 
What a vicious comment by Eeleenz Liang