Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Rider Profile - Francis Toh

Hi, I’m Francis Toh working as Service Engineering in ASM Pacific Technology. I like to share my cycling history.

I started with a 7 speed Tern bought by my wife as Birthday Present in 2013, this is how I started my cycling journey. Occasionally, I cycled in East Coast Park with my colleagues after work on Friday.
During my cycling journey, I got to know lots of new cycling friends with lots of events such as oversea cycling event organized by cycling group and community events.
Volunteering for World water day as Safety Marshal 
Seen and Be Seen Safety Marshal 
Rolling with my team for a good deed
2016, I have done the Ride for Rations 1K ride. This is a fund raising event and the main cycling event is Malacca to Singapore in 2 days, a total of 240km. However, I have joined a group of 6 fellow cyclists to cycle a total of 1000km in 11 days, including the main event from Malacca to Singapore. It was a good experience for me as I have never cycle with a group in a constant rolling speed of 20-25kph. Besides the fun-filled 1days of cycling, we also raised money for Sunlove Home, which Ride for Rations supported.

I decided to sell away my car use to commute to work and occasionally for outing and start cycling to work covered about 30km each way on road starting at 5am to avoid heavy traffic. Of course there is a risk to cycle on road but individual has to keep alert look out for any dangerous situation. We as cyclists on road are not as visible as compare to other transports, I always keep myself visible by wearing light color visible cycling attire, equips my bike with 2 rear blinking lights and a video cam.  
Bike to work 2015

Bike to work 2016
I really enjoy cycling now as it is my only form of exercise and I get to cycle to every corner of Singapore and Oversea. I can enjoy sunrise with fresh air and sunset while cycling to work. Most import message is I keep both my body and pocket fit and healthy. Hope my experience will inspire u to cycle and perhaps cycle commute!  
Below is my cycle commute from home(AMK)  to work (Yishun). If you need help on bike to work, pls send me an email at francis.toh57@gmail.com and I will do my best to help u out.