Saturday, October 20, 2018

URA on cycling to work video

This is a big deal as these are all real cycle commuters in Singapore. Not models and not "experts" who don't really ride spouting advice. This is the real deal.  Here's their story and how they cycle to work! After that, pls also click the LTA masterplan 2040 survey and contribute ur thoughts. Yes, its not going to benifit us but more for our children. 

Cycling profile Edmund Chew (Bukit Batok to Tanjong Kling)

am Edmund Chew, 43 years old and I work as a HR Executive. Cycling makes me feel more refreshed. It gives me more stamina and energy. 
Sometimes it rains but its still fun.
Do u cycle commute and how did you start?
Yes. I started bike to work in 1 Feb 2017. I work at Tanjong Kling area and I stay at Bukit Batok. During that time, i was taking part in the Togo Parts Challenge and so, bike to work can help me to clock some mileage. Win win! 
I always like to explore new places and new routes to different places.  
Ever gone to the western tip to the no.1 lamp post? I have... and its farrrrrrrr
As my office is in the industrial area where a lot of big trucks and heavy vehicles travelling on the roads.
So going on road is not an option for me.  After a few weeks of trying out different routes to my office, going via the various pcns seems to be the better and safest options.
Rain will not stop me.
So now my regular routes are something like this.
Bukit Batok St 24 - Bukit Batok East Ave 6 (BB Park Connector) - Bukit Batok Ave 1 - Jurong East Central (Jurong Park Connector) - Chinese Garden (Boon Lay Way) - Lakeside (MRT) - Jurong Central Park - Jurong Park Connector - Jln Ahmad Ibrahim (Pavement) - Pioneer Road (Pavement) - Tanjong Kling Road (On Road)
There isn't a proper PCN from Pioneer road to Tanjong Kling road so have to ride on pavement.
Strava Link.
This route is relatively safe except for the traffic light crossing at Jln Ahmad Ibrahim toward Pioneer Road where alot of cars will dash through red lights.  To play safe, i will wait for all cars to stop before cycling across.  I have experience a few occasion where cars did not stop at red light.Its always a relax ride to work where the PCNS are nicely done and the ride is smooth.

Bromptonworldtravellers- tell me more about the group and where do u ride? 
I first join them to ride in Singapore. They will ride to interesting places like hunt for murals (wall paintings) around Singapore. 
My first oversea cycling trip with BWT is to Thailand. The trip is very well planned. Price is very reasonable and hotel and meals arrangement are awesome.
 Most important is that the organizers really took good care of us. All help each other like loading of bikes into cars and coaches, getting the luggage at the belt in the airport. 
Cycling also makes u hungry! 
In Singapore, we will plan ride to see interesting places or events in SG. 
Example, Singapore iLight festival, car free day, NDP ride and the coming one is Halloween Ride.
Added note : Edmund is one of the leaders of Bromptonworldtravellers. (He just pai say to say haha) . 

First memories of cycling
My first cycling experience was in primary school where my dad will bring me to ecp to rent a 4 wheeler for me to cycle. 
Something like this (taken from Carosel) 
Only when I'm in sec 3 then I learned how to cycle on 2 wheels.  My first own bike was a GT stunt bike.
Back then was very popular in the 80s. After sec days, I stopped cycling and soon was into NS. Then I start to ride MTB with a few of my ex school mates. After my NS, I stop again due to work. 
Lol.  Then in 2015 dec. I wanted to buy an e-scooter but my wife encourage me to buy a bicycle instead as it's more safe and healthy. So I bought my first polygon MTB. In 2016 Feb I decide to try small wheel folding bike and so we bought two terns on Valentine's day. After a few months of cycling, I decide to change bike, and I bought a term X20. 
From there on, I start to take up Togo challenge and clocking more distance on my foldie. Now I have a Tyrell fsx and a Brompton.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Nparks PCN improvement with LCSG + MBG 29th Sept 2018

This is a continuous collaboration between Nparks, LCSG and MBG to help improve our PCN.
Yes, u heard that right. We work with PCN team to help identify areas which could be improved and we go help fix it! The idea is when we sweat together, magic happens! Trust me on this... 
The area was prone to having accidents as it was a direct slope to the traffic crossing. The new amendments have a "S" bend with speed strip so that we can slow the speed down using design.
Notice the red line bends more, this can slow down the speed to the traffic junction 

This my friend is Super AWESOME!
I was also very glad to have my girl to join me. We took our foldies and MRT to the site all the way from Punggol. Took awhile but it was really fun. 
Momo showing its easy to use a foldie and MRT 

At the site, the usual faces arrived. Eugene wee with his family, Ben, uncle Steven and many other new faces. This is really encouraging to see the continued level of participation from fellow cyclists.  Also very cool was how Raymond tong pang his wife on his foldie!! So Romantic!
After abit of intro on Why we are doing this kind of events, every one started to get busy very happily.. it was amazing!
Planting the shrubs, doing the concrete dividers.  Here are some nice photos of the cool work by the folks. Thank you guys for helping make the PCN better. I am so honoured to work along side u folks! 
To those who want to contribute, pls drop me a line at so I can hook u with for the next session! Thanks!
Wilson sharing on the technicality and Why we doing this
Sharing more the why and Thanking fellow cyclists for the time effort to make this happen. Thank you. 
Daniel and family coming down to show support by doing 
Mark and his friends from MBG pulling more support 
Uncle Steven showing how its done. He is VERY good!
Nixs showing how Army training experience is becoming useful haha

Super nice folks enjoying their well deserved Currypuffs 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Cycle Commute from Ang Mo Kio to Maxwell market - Eugene Lee

From Eugene Lee who works as an URA planner. 
Attached are the screen shots of the two routes I've been using for the past 8 years whenever my work schedule permits me to cycle to work.The first route below mostly follows Kallang River and is about 16km while the second route along Marymount Rd, Thomson Rd, Cavengah Rd, Clemenceau Ave, Havelock Rd is about 13km. The 16km route is safer and mostly follows park connectors and takes me 90min while the 13km one is all on road but takes me only 60min.

I started cycling in 2010 to work and posted about my rides on social media to raise awareness of cycling as an alternative mode of transport.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rider profile Tom Webster

Hello I am Tom and here's my cycling writeup. 
1) What are your first memories of cycling. 
I grew up in UK and started cycling as a hobby with school friends when I was 14. This involved a combination of cross country riding and dirt jumping. It involved quite a lot of attempting crazy stunts, breaking something on the bike, not being able to afford the bike shop repair fee and then learning to fix it myself. Little evidence exists from this pre-digital camera age, but here are couple of photos taken from a disposable film camera! 

When I was studying at University I took my cycling quite seriously and got quite fit, although I wasn’t organised enough to do any racing. When I started working I did continue cycling every once in a while but was generally less active and my fitness suffered, I do wish I kept a better work-life balance.  In the last 10 years I’ve changed to doing more road based cycling, although I have done a bit of MTB in Singapore - here is a picture of me attempting the Singapore MTB championship in 2016 on a 19 years old bike!

2) How did you come to Singapore and what do you do?. 
I met my now wife at University who is Singaporean, we lived together for a number of years in London but she was longing to return home so I came over here with her. I’m working at NTU doing Autonomous Vehicle related R&D work, my project involves working with Singapore’s authorities to develop the standards, testing and enabling framework to support the adoption of AV’s in Singapore. A key reason why Singapore is promoting AV’s is because they support public transport and shared car use which helps meet transport demands in less space and with fewer numbers of vehicles.   

Add by Taiwoon: I met Tom at the Carfreesunday event (LCSG booth) and he brought a freaking bike stand to help do some basic service (Free) for anyone. Its amazing! 

I fall off my chair when I saw how he brought it... 

Good man
3) Tell me about your cycle to work
Most of my cycling nowadays is commuting. I live with in-laws on the east side of the island and work west side at NTU so it is fair trip of about 31km each way.
Rarely do I cycle every day from Monday to Friday though, three times a week is a normal good week for me. When I first started commuting I tried to incorporate PCN into the route, however over time the route has evolved as I’ve found quicker options with less stoppages and places requiring riding at a slow pace.  My latest route is below doesn’t have any PCN and gets me to work quite a bit faster than the first route I did.

4) What are your workplace cycling facilities and how do you sort out your clothes etc.
I’m very lucky to have shower facilities and secure bike parking at work which is a great help. Clothes is a bit trickier but I leave those hanging on my bicycle, fortunately nobody appears interested in stealing my sweaty clothes :) 
Thank you NTU! 

5) What advice would u give folks wanting to try out cycle commute.  
Just like starting any other physical activity don’t expect immediate miracles or be disheartened if you find it difficult at first.
Give yourself plenty of time to recover between rides ease yourself in and it will get easier.
Plan the route and test it out beforehand. At first pick a route on quieter roads until you are more confident. Meet up with more experienced cyclists to learn from them, it takes experience and technique to cycle safely on larger busier roads.
Some logistics planning also helps, leave shoes and clothes at work so you don’t have to carry them.
Always carry a multi tool, spare tube pump, puncture repair kit and know how to repair a puncture.
Particularly if it is a longer journey some bits of equipment really help.
You must have lights if cycling before 7am or after 7pm. Decent USB rechargeable front and rear lights are handy and even during the day advisable for cycling on road.
A bike that fits you (including saddle) and cycling shorts / gloves help with comfort.
Bike mounted bags are a great alternative to a backpack which are uncomfortable in hot & humid weather.
A well maintained bike is safer and less effort to cycle. Learn how to adjust your brakes and keep the chain in good condition.

6) What other cycling stuff do you do 
I enter into a few races every year too. Although I don’t have much success I like to push myself physically and see what I am capable of, having a race coming up gives me some training goals to motivate and work towards. With me doing the commuting to work I found it difficult to find the time and energy to do proper training with a cycling club. However recently I’ve found I can usually make it back from work in time to join a 60km training ride round Tanah Merah Coastal Road with the Integrated Riders club. I have to work hard to keep up with them and it is really helping to improve my fitness. I’ve also done a round Island ride at the weekend with them a few times, they’re a very friendly and helpful group.

I also like the engineering side of cycling, I assemble and maintain all my bikes myself including building the wheels. I sometimes help out other people fix their bike problems. I am also known to sometimes do more ambitious crazy projects such as making my own bike lights. You can contact me directly to learn more. 

Happy cycling! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dummy it to TKD class

Ready to roll!
Dummy is a long bike that can carry alot... I mean alot. 
I got a chance to ferry my gal to her TKD class last Sunday. We used the Surly Dummy which was very under used....  For those who is wondering what the hell u get a Dummy in Singapore... check out my link here. 
It was a nice feeling to still be able to ride it easily even when she is about 50kg. We stopped at a nearby porridge place to have a quick bite and then to Punggol Safra. 
So good. no need to cycle, just eat haha
I need to practise my selfie skill... 
The distance was about 4 km and super doable. In about 5-10 mins we reached Punggol Safra. We sang and chatted... it was very nice. 
Lock her up and lets go TKD class!
TKD starts, I can go have my coffee!
Nothing epic but I treasure this kind of micro moments with my girl.  This is how memories are made. Try it! 
Lovecycling sticker Gen 1- 2011
Dummy rides very well. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Nice extensive PCN routes photos by George

I was looking around online to find more information on the Round island route and stumbled on this.
It has lots of information and photos of the various PCN.  I am also very excited on the NS connectivity, hope it get completed asap. Check it out!

Monday, July 9, 2018

LCSG and NParks PCN improvements 7th July 2018

More hands make light work. Good folks. 
With the good folks of LCSG and MBG, we gathered at Yishun ave 7 junction to help widen the landing area of a junction. This was feedback by the local community that the narrowness of the area was causing issues on safety.  In addition, we also did some potting around the area to make it nicer. 
Here are some of the nice and meaningful collaboration we did over a sat morning. Awesome photos by Eugene Wee and uncle KC.
 Never seen so happy workers, guess they know its for the betterment for the community at large 
The good folks of the Park PCN

Uncle KC and Anthony,stopping for a photo
Potting plants is no easy task 

Widening the congested area 

aunty audrey 

Lets get working!