Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LTA wants to know your feedback

Awesome drawing by LCSG resident artist Joeel Lee 

Friends and fellow cyclists. Do you think more can be done for cyclists on our roads? Have you felt that cycling on roads is like a gamble and risky thing to do. Well, now is the time to share and feedback to Land Transport Authority (LTA).  Ok, granted it is not so easy to register on their feedback mechanism.. but at least we can engage. And engage we will! Pls share and send to ur friends who cycle. Thank you.

Monday, June 25, 2012

24th June 2012 LCSG Lelong & Pot Luck event

Hot hot event!

Louis leading a ride around West Coast park 
Most creative and pro "stall"
Becoming friends... 
King Lelong
Tiger rehearsing for NDP 

Check out Pearly look... the dog I mean
The basic idea of this event is to gather a bunch of fun loving folks over PotLuck and swap the stuff you don't need. Before the lelong event, Mary and Louis helped organise a PCN ride around the West Coast Park. 
The rest with their barang barang (Stuff) headed towards a nice shady(initially) spot and set up camp for the PotLuck and layout the stuff for swapping. As the people streamed in, it was carnival like and laughter all over. Steven Tang was the undisputed Lelong Emcce King who helped to move the items quickly. Over Dumpling, muffins, Mee Hoon, people chatted over the bicycles and stuff.  Special for the event was the 4 mummies and their special children sewing bicycle charms to raise some much needed funds for the Autistic children. 
Even the hot hot sun didn't deter the crowd at all. Everyone mingled, tested the bicycles and even helped to fly Joeel's awesome Octopus kite... 
This is just awesome and what Lovecyclingsg is about.  Friends meeting friends, coming together for a nice time. Many say that the Kampong spirit is dead in Singapore. I beg to differ. Case and point with LCSG Lelong and Pot Luck event. Thank you Mary, Louis, Andy, Steven Tang, George Kee, Wendy and many more for making this all possible. We will have another Lelong Potluck at the end of the year... ok?  More photos here  and here 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rider Profile - Lynten Ong (R3 Cycles Mechanic)

Update 20th March 2018
TR bikes closed down(sadly) and Lynten currently work at R3 cycles.
It's quite an unique setup where u can do ur usual bicycle service and zng-ing of parts.  Also the cool aspect is that for a fee, you can park ur beloved bicycles at the shop where they will take care of it. Esp in our cramped housing conditions, this is quite a cool service.  Do check them out.
*full disclosure- There is not commercial dealing between myself and Lynten. I am just sharing a rider who is also a bike mechanic in Singapore.  Lynten is an all weather cyclist and if u get him talking about bicycle.... u can be assured its going to be interesting and a loooooong chat :)
His daily cycle route is from Fort Road to Tampines. He takes the PCN mainly and its a nice leisurely route.

I met Lynten at TR Bikes, which is located in a quiet neighbour hood. Speaking to them was quite an experience as I felt that they were a very special breed of people.  Not in the exclusive sense but the feeling that they loved bicycles. Old bicycles, not the museum quality kind but real steel bicycles that u can ride. On contrary to popular urban myth, they dun just do Fixies. They also do old Skool bicycles(like my New old bike), Touring, Cyclocross, Fatbikes and 29ers.  Here is my short interview with the legend himself.
Lynten working on a bike
Happy with a bicycle... check out that smile!  Photo credits Ross Valentine Errol
1) An introduction of urself 
– Lynten Ong, 45 years old, father of three, bike store owner of TR bike. .. crazy cyclist.
2) Share with us your memories of cycling. How ur got into cycling. 
 - I have ALWAYS loved to ride, ever since I could balance I enjoyed the freedom the bicycle allowed me to explore the world around me. I remember staying with my Grandparents at Woskel Road, quite a hilly estate, for a 8 yr old but being able to ride up the hills and bombing down was the BEST, no gears than, just a simple Joker bike, banana seat, semi ape hanger bars........... Boy I NEED to find an adult size bike like that again......
3)The trends that came, gone 
think most have come full circle, like the wheels on a bike, road bikes have ALWAYS been around, then it was BMX, then MTBs, which mutated into other forms, fixed gears, think the bicycle has been 'reinvented' quite often since its invention.
4) Why u started TR bikes. How was it like then.  
TR Bikes was started when I left TheBikeBoutique (also started by me and a few friends, contrary to what has been printed, but that's another WHOLE story by itself and not worth going into depth) to do I wanted to do, which was to customize bikes like no one else.  
We started out like any other bike store doing whatever bikes but almost had to shut down two years into the business as things got really bad and business was affected. 
A change in the business plan pull us out of the red and into the black when we decided to go the direction in which we are on, which is to 'reinvent' the bicycle AGAIN. We started concentrating on fixed and singlespeed bikes and most thought we were crazy to do so, instead of embracing technology, we decided to go back to simpler times and it worked and EVERYONE else decided it WASN'T so crazy after all and followed........so who's the CRAZY one??????
5) What is your favorite ride, bicycle. Why?
Boy, that's a tough question to answer but if I had one.......it'll be all the bikes I have ridden. A bike that is built right RIDES nice no matter what sort it is.
6) Words of advice to cycling in Singapore 
With the recent accidents and deaths, BE SAFE but aggressive at the same time, let the drivers KNOW you CAN'T and WON'T be bullied off the roads, we all have smart phones now and a PICTURE will say a 1000 words.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rider Profile - Nick Wong

Nick with his NWT at Taiwan
Rolling down Mount Faber in Style
Core member of "team Orange" 
Yan tao or not? 
* Tell me about yourself (your day job and family)
Family - Youngest in the family........... with 1 bro and 1 sis......... the spoilt and pampered child....... who dun eat vege
Day Job - running around Singapore to improve the condition of State Land and State Property.........dealing with State Land maintenance, erosion, landslide etc
* How did you started cycling
When I was in Primary School, dad bought me my first BMX.....only ride at void deck of my house.......but got stolen then stopped cycling till 2 years ago bought another bike (Gary Fisher mountain bike)
* Why do you like cycling?
Cycling to kill time and keep fit.....just another hobby...... not much of commuting purposes
* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
Me joined LCSG last year.......... I was visiting a backlane (for work purposes) at Gemmill Lane and got to know Lifecycle.......so being 'kaypoh' walked into that shop and kana 'poison' by Simon....... at that time I was still using my mountain bike..........Simon gave me your blog....so I went in and that's how I got to know LCSG
My first ride was Sentosa ride with LCSG (near my house mah........can cycle to Vivo)........ super tough ride due to the slopes........the first person I got to know was Henry........I was sooooo blur during that ride and Henry accompanied throughout the entire ride........I must say THANK YOU to him.......it's sad that he is no longer with us lah........got to know  Andrew Wan, Clarence....as we all using Gary Fisher during that ride
Second ride - Dragon kiln......me super on........cycle all the way to Lakeside MRT early that morning.......then after that ride I envy those riders with foldies......able to take mrt home unlike me got to ride back to Tanjong Pagar and was raining some more..........sigh..........so decided to visit Simon again.......it's time to get my own foldie!!!
Also feel honoured to be feature as banner guy in Penang Foldie Night Ride..... hee hee hee.......dunno why I was chosen........somehow kana spotted by the organiser after the Penang ride. 
* Your steel horses- names and more details.
1st bike - BMX - kana stolen...........long time ago
2nd bike - Gary Fisher mountain bike.........given to my sister to make space for my foldies
3rd bike - Dahon X10........... that's when I like Orange and Black combo....
4th bike - Bike Friday NWT......specially for touring use.......
* Your favorite cycling kakis
A lot leh........... I would say my neighbour - Derrick Tan...........very kind and helpful chap........got to know that we actually staying at the same block during Potong Pasir ride.......
* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
I would have to say Taiwan Wuling!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was actually my third touring trip (after Kukup and Penang)........super well organised thanks to you and Encik and the rest............though I did not managed to  complete to the peak......some more first one to board the bus....but it's my biggest achievement so far........now looking forward for the Dec trip........never in my life I have use so much effort to climb that endless slopes.........(most of the time was pushing instead of riding....heee heee heee)
* Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
Ermmmmmm.............have not been organising any rides....(paiseh paiseh).......... so far only help in getting access cards to go up the roof garden of the Pinnacles during one of the City ride organised by Steven Tang.......
* Tips to share with fellow riders
Me a very 'loon joon' guy (clumsy in hokkien) in riding.......but always keep a safe distance and always be observant to the traffic condition..........
* Other things to share.. Life motto etc
 'Why make your life so miserable......... just be happy'

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rider Profile Khairul Rahim

Khai, with wifey and their Carrymes
Quiet and nice chap who you probably see on the rides but not sure who he is...  His name is Khairul Rahim, Khai in short. Read more about why he love cycling and have a look at his blog http://khaicycle.blogspot.sg/ 

* Tell me about yourself (your day job and family)
I am fortunately married to a fellow cycling enthusiast and a father to two lovely young boys. For my day job I teach a course called the Study of Visual Arts. Apart from the practical aspects of art-making, this course involves quite a bit of Art Theory and Art History.

* How did you started cycling?
I chanced upon an advertorial focusing on commuting and folding bikes. Since the arrival of my sons, I had to give up football due to time constraint and saw cycling as a more flexible alternative.
I have written about it in detail here: http://khaicycle.blogspot.sg/2012/03/return-to-cycling.html
* Why do you like cycling?
There is a very positive feeling when you think about human-powered-movement; not relying on something else to propel you forward. You still need the bike, of course, but everything else depends on you. 
Whenever I get on the bike, I get that sense of freedom again. It's a very child-like feeling and it's very special. 
Cycling is also very practical. I hardly drive now unless absolutely necessary and prefer a bike-train commute as it gets me directly from point A to point B. I don't have to worry about parking and later collecting the car. I can keep on moving from wherever I am, another type of flexibility and freedom here.
* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
The people are lovely. It's always intimidating to join a group of people and I actually joined my first ride without knowing anyone, however the social aspect of LCSG is very strong and I have made many new friends. I like the relaxed vibe of the Sunday rides, and having completed the recent 128km for Paul, I'm looking forward to more of these special events. 
If anyone's interested, I wrote about my first LCSG ride here http://khaicycle.blogspot.sg/2011/10/first-lcsg-ride.html
* Your steel horses- names and more details.
I don't have any names for my bikes, but here they are according to wheel size:
CarryMe SD, Brompton M6L, Dahon MuP8... and a special one coming soon * Your favorite cycling kakis
LoveCyclingSG of course, the Punggol Night Riders and Velo Familia.
* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
It's hard to pick my favorite LCSG ride but the 128km was really special. For a non-official body, I must say that I'm very impressed with the planning and logistics! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been working quietly behind the scenes to plan and organize the rides.
My favorite personal cycling route will be from home in Tampines - ECP - City and back. The route is relaxing and I can get about 45km of cycling, just nice to daydream and clear the head.
* Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
So far I haven't been involved in any official duties during the rides, so it's been a mainly social experience for me. However, I do try watch out for new riders especially on the roads. This is also something I observe about the more experienced riders in LCSG - most will be looking out for everyone's safety whether or not they have been designated with the roles.
* Tips to share with fellow riders
Safety is a mentality. It's not just about the helmet, it starts with checking your bike, pumping your tires. Be considerate and confident, whether on the pavement or on the road. Assert your presence when you need to, but when you need to make a decision, pick the safest option.
* Other things to share.. Life motto etc
A bit cheesy, but for this purpose: Live to Ride Another Day
* Who would u like to see being featured in Smallwheelbigsmile? Arrow some one to be featured. How about George Kee :)  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

LCSG Durian Open Mobilisation

They say photo tells a thousand words...  Photo credit Joeel and Esther
Westies riders and their Durians... 

"live telecast" of the crowd at Chong Pang...   Photo by Jonathan Lee
Inspired by Esther's photo of the"Cat Mountain King" Durian at Chong Pang Market and WestiesDurian night cycling last week. We just have to cycle to eat Durian... In a short span of 12 hours, we mobilised 20 Durian lovers. Starting at Punggol MRT 1015 pm, we rode a short 11.5km to Chong Pang. Supported via Facebook photo update by some who already there, we were shown dwindling Durian supplies. This only serves to make us pedal faster.... at least I noted the speed was alot quicker than usual.  The Durian uncle closed 15min earlier and missed out on serving 20 hungry eager Durian cyclo lovers.  Ah well, we had fun and at least I now know where to get good durian. Disappointed, we rode back via Jalan Kayu and substituted Tou Hweh for Durian.  No choice lah.  Still we will be back next week. Onz?
No.... see Aaron Anguished look
No Durian... at least a group photo at the Durian stall
Still haven't give up... maybe he hide behind the board.. lets see
"heng I got Mac Donalds" says Hai Tang... all look at her... 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Goodbye Mandai Shell Station

This is a normal Shell petrol station located at the end of Mandai road. Why am I blogging about it? Well, this is a Land mark for many cycling folks like myself. It is now being torn down to make way for something grander and cooler... I suppose. Goodbye Mandai Shell Station and it was good to know u! 
Photo credit by Jerome lim 
Cycling Kakis and many others use this Shell as their cycling Land mark   Photo Credit Billy Loy

Friday, June 15, 2012

Rider profile Derrick Tan

Derrick, Taking on Wulin. Day 2!
Ponchek but smiling. Awesome!!
Shackked out but holding on
Derrick with his Buddy Nick Wong at 7-11 stop!
• Tell me about yourself Hello everyone. I am Derrick. My day job involves in improving business processes. My night job then involves solving my 'little taukeh's boredom :) The remaining time spend will be on cycling. 
• How did you started cycling? The initial intention was to do cycling with my son but ended up buying the bicycle and engaging the activity myself as he is not ready. 
• Why do you like cycling Form of exercise, having some time to yourself, get to know more people from all walks of life, ride and smell the roses, and getting to places that we don't normally go. 
• When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us ? None of my family members know how to cycle. After buying my Dahon, i was looking for friends or people who has cycling interest. With the help of google, LCSG had a ride at sentosa and the distance is manageable, so i decided to give it a try. If i was unable to catch up, the most i ride home :p • Your favorite cycling kakis No specific kakis. Mostly folks from LCSG. 
• Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride I enjoy every place that LCSG organises. Afew of name are follow pengarang, Kukup and Taiwan. But I guess it's the company that counts :)  
• Your role at LCSG Helping out in whatever way I can. Traffic or even swipe. Not very good with directions..haha 
• Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides Personally, the reason why LCSG is successful is because it's non political, focus on cycling and not bothered by the background of the person. People are friendly and there is no restriction on bike types. You have a bike, let's ride together! 
• Tips to share with fellow riders.
 Being a fairly new rider, don't really have many tips to share. Most important is being comfortable with your ride, knowing what it is capable of. This will reduce accidents. Of cos personal awareness of the surrounding is also important. 
• Your steel horses- names and more details. 
1) Vitesse D7 - used for few months, currently in the storeroom since 2nd bike arrived. 
2) Brompton M6R - My SUV. Very versatile and compact bike. Good for marketing @ Chinatown :) 
3) AM-TSR 20 - latest addition to the family. More for long distance, comfort and efficient bike. 
Others(highlight of my short cycling journey) New to riding, so dun have much riding experience to share. Most memorable ride got to be wulin with my trusty brompton M6R, with a group of fun folks. 
Why is this ride so special? It's the hardest 2 days i worked my heart...haha no joking. End of day 1, I was so tired, after late lunch/dinner, i went to straight to bed. 
Day 2 even tougher. Steep curve slope to start the day. End of the day 2, cosy restaurant, a piece of steak in front of me, but I dun have the energy to eat it. Heart beating away, feeling tired, better go ask papa mike for some magic pill as I wanted to ride down the hill. 
Day 3, woke up feeling ok. Ready to enjoy the 5hr downhill. Once in awhile will have a crazy thought of driving up and riding down genting highland :) So if you add 2 days of hill, 1 day of downhill, with a group of friends, you have an unique and memorable experience. 
Why brompton? In preparation for the trip, thoughts were, one trip, dun hv to buy another bike for it. Limited space at home, bike visa hard to come by...haha So my mind is set on brompton. Even after watching all the YouTube posted by George, some showing brompton going up. So proven bike can go up, its the rider that needs more training. At the back of my mind, I knew the gear ratio is not ideal, so changed my 50T crank to 44T. Met a friend, he suggested some simple exercise to strengthen leg muscle. That's the lease I can do, and i follow through the routine. The disadvantage of brompton gear ratio motivated me to stick to the exercise. After that, it's "Just Do It. At least I tried". 
Moulton- poisoning.... Having watched YouTube posted by kevin, I was very impressed by his in-depth knowledge and passion for moulton and focus on efficiency, which is something i wanted for the next ride. Sometime before leaving for Taiwan, I was presented with the opportunity of getting a moulton frame by kevin. Thanks to George for the lobang. That's how my moulton TSR came about. After it was fixed up locally, initial impression is, it will be a comfortable ride since it has 2 suspension, which is true. After I took it for a 128km. Knowing my own fitness, i know that the next few days will be aching here and there. But surprising i didn't feel any fatigue. That's where I realised, the drop bar, and the 2 suspension has done it's job. Kudos to kevin's handicraft.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

360 light and motion in action

I have used this baby for over 1 year. One memorable time was a full day downpour in Thailand which we kept on riding.... I was worried that it would short out but it didnt. I have use them almost daily and they work just fine. It is not cheap but it saved my ass so many times. For the record, I am not sponsored by them. But this helmet light really makes you be seen at night. Stay lit and have a safe ride

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Makan Malacca with LCSG

Makan Malacca with LCSG , a set on Flickr.
Spending a weekend with friends at Malacca. We eat and eat and eat. Hainanese Chicken rice balls, checked. Chendol, checked. Nonya kwuey, Checked and so many more. Momo and Cayla met again after Taiwan trip and it was nice to see the two girls chatting away. Simple pleasures of life.
This is 5 years since we visited the place. Run down as it may be, Malacca still exudes Peranakan feel in bucket loads. I was chatting with Desmond and we remarked that while Singapore has Nonya Culture, somehow it doesn't feel the same and as popular. Overall, I am reminded that we are all different and the Nonya culture is very unique to this part of the world.