Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last week, while resting around on the rides, Kimi came up to me and pass me a nice gift all the way from Thailand.... It was from Mary, Bro AL,Uncle KC, Chris, PapaMike, hong, Steven Tang, Roland, Mr Teo and Kimi... Kimi was sorry that it was a bit delayed but to me I was very touched. What a nice surprise!
As you know they went to Chiang Mai and had a super time. You can read more on their exciting adventures on Bro Al blog - Love the fold . Lots of nice food and slopes. One of the high lights was that they even met up and rode with Chiang Mai Lovecyclingsg equivalent  - aptly named Chiang Mai Sunday Cycling Club, Thailand!!!  I am not a hard core cycle to the death cyclist. I am more interested in the how cycling can connect with all levels of people and of course more opportunties to look around, photo and eat. It makes me very happy to see like minded people at Chiang mai and that thru cycling we can become friends. 
Thank you my friends for a thoughtful gift and most importantly the friendships and laughter!
3 treasures.. Momo, Chiang Mai Sunday cycling club and LCSG jersey!
The official Chiang Mai Sunday cycling club Jersey!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy old folks

It is not about bicycles but really happy and timely reminder for me on keeping things simple and being happy. This video is going viral on youtube while not the hollywood sharp record...exudes the happiness and simplicity in buckets!

And after that.. check out this beautiful and moving piece too

Monday, February 27, 2012

Packing Mr AM for Taiwan trip

Next Sat morning we will embark on our eagerly awaited Taiwan trip.  Starting from Puli, we will make our way up to Qing Jing farm and later on to Wu ling. It is one of the highest mountain as I understand from George Lim, our team leader who recced the route on his trips to Taiwan. We kinda of prepared for the trip by cycling Mount Faber and some other ant mount in Singapore...see the "proof"... haha..
Some of us even changed to Triple cranks in an technical effort to flatten the Wuling Mountain...  Well, ready or not.. we are going.... 
Now, actually the biggest task for me is how to transport Mr AM to Taiwan. I have never brought a full-sized bicycle and usually take a Brompton or Carryme which packs very easily. Mybikeshop kept a stock Moulton cardboard box for me.. and Kian Lin just said...."simple one.. just loosen the stem and turn handle bar... Kow tim(ok)..."  Well, it took longer than that... mostly due to my inexperience in packing... After 2 hours.. I made everything fit.  Google is usually our best friend if you need answers... but Alex moulton is quite a rare and not much infor on packing can be found on line... So I just did it... with more advice from Chris and George.....  Here's some work in progress.... I waiting to pack my cycling clothes in... then it is all system go!
bring outside my home.. easier to work.. 
Size 15 spanner .... remove pedals
Also degreased the chain...  
Front Mud guard off
Front fork spacer fashioned using spare bits of rod and skweer... I also make anti crush box inside the box... KS 
learnt at Mekong trip how Chris used zipties to hold the loose bike parts... I like.. I copy
bubble wrap and ziptie... 
test fit ... alamak.. handle bar packed too high ... take out.. 
Reposition... should fit now.. 
It fits!!
Almost.... cycling clothes, helmet in.. done!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

NParks to develop 150-km recreational route (RIR)

Wonderful RIR 
Why am I so excited about Nparks efforts? 
And this is why...   :)  Round Island Route = RIR
We can expect more links and most importantly, is how they are getting public engagement to help fine tune and get feedback. This is good news because it is all about the people. If people respond and are engaged... I know the solution would be much more relevant to the surroundings. With Lovecyclingsg, we can link Nparks to the common folks and real cyclists... so that their voices are heard. And if you have some thing to say and share... Please visit Nparks website and put in ur comments!
Also visit Lovecyclesg website to see more photos...
Talking about speedy replies... here's Bernard's -- " The project is on! The route alignment and development timeline is works in progress which means your feedback is important and will be useful. Over the next 2 mths we will conduct focus grp studies. I will need 20 pax from cycling and grps so here goes - those who want to be heard - let me know i will extend an invitation to you.... If response is overwhelming, we will have to draw lots.
The sessions will be held after office hours and for a start it will be useful to have cyclists from diverse background :
A. with different bikes
B. Stay in different areas in spore - East South and northwest
C. Different age grp
If you are keen, do respond here and give me your email address......thanks!"

It is possible doing the "impossible"

Ro and Ribena at End point... looking like they can do another 128km!!!   -- Photo credit Layyuan 
Banannas??? you bet! - Photo credit Layyuan
Audrey Chong, Ejin, Layyuan, Cindy and Elain Pan smiling for the camera   -- Photo credit Layyuan
We did it!!!!  I know this will be a moment they will remember for a long long time!  Photo credits Layyuan
one stroke at a time... we will make it!!   photo credit Francis Chu
Ro Ribena and John( ok.. he used a Dahon Silver tip... but that's cool too :)) took their Carrymes and foldie to the NTU bike rally.... that's at least 128km and not really a short distance. So when they said they would do it... I was like... yah rite... But just an hour ago...they completed the ride! It was a bloody hot day to boot.... but they hung on and made it!!! Whoooohoo! So..... this is to remember the awesome effort from Ro, Ribena and John for trying such an audacious journey! Classic mind over matter effort! Well done!  
Carry me KODH anyone?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cycling to work

Cycling to work by taiwoon
Cycling to work, a photo by taiwoon on Flickr.

I see this gentleman once in a while on my way to my workplace. His setup is road bars with MTB. From his stance and cycling pattern, I think he has been doing this for a long time... and just managed to sneak in a shot before he zips past towards his final destination.
I wonder what he does for a living...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Singapore Park Connector map and exciting times.

coming together now...
looking good!
We don't have bike paths in Singapore but we have a hybrid of sorts. It is called the park connector system(PCN) which skirts around most neighbourhoods. The folks led by Bernard Lim at NParks have been working steadily to link more of them together so that the whole of Singapore can transverse using the PCN.  Yes I know it is still not the same as bike paths and many areas are still not served...But let's give them the affirmation and credit for making the inroads. On Saturday morning, Lovecyclingsg will gather at Punggol Jetty and do a short ride(with HPA) in support of Nparksnorth eastern route. Details here. Together, let's make it better!

Road bar choices... what is what and the differences..

Backside itchy... looking at handlebars choices.. and there are a gazillion of them. What are the differences? Luckily I have friends who are experts and was referred to this website..  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Perfect bliss

This is Lyten of TR bikes with his kids at East Coast Park, near Jumbo Restaurant. No more words needed. You can feel the joy! 
Photo credit by Ross Velantine Errol

Medical Packaging list by Doc Papa Mike

Suggested Packing List for Medicines & Supplies for Overseas Trips

Medicines (you can get these from your family doctors or pharmacies):
1) for diarrhoea - lomotil / loperamide
2) stomache ache - buscopan
3) wind - charcoal tablets
4) flu & fever - many types available (check with own family doctor)
5) cough medicines
6) travel sickness - stemetil / stugeron
7) vomiting - maxalon / stemetil/ domperidone
8) pain killers (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines) - sprains / pains
9) deep heat rubs for muscle aches
10) anti-allergy medications - antihistamine +/- steroids (for those with hay fevers/pollen allergies/allergic rhinitis)
11) eyedrops - for eye irritation (sweat/dust/mild inflammation)

Dressing sets:(from pharmacies)
1) gauze - 4 X 4 inch (@ least 20 pieces)
2) micropore tape - 2" X 2 pieces
3) cotton wool for washing cuts & wounds - 10 pieces
4) cotton buds - 10 pieces
5) antiseptic or antibiotic cream - 1 tube
6) triangular bandage - X1
7) crepe bandage - narrow width X 2
                          - wide width X 2
8) chlorhexidene gluconate antiseptic wash - X 5 sachets

Kar Chia Singapore

aunty with basketFT with helmetcycling with fanbike rackbicycle with license platebasket
icecream trishawKC with brollymaster sweeperred trishawred trishaw_!steering wheel
Tong pangTong pang2steer wheel uncle bikegadget

Kar Chia Singapore , a set on Flickr.
This is to showcase the Singapore cycling heroes. Nameless and zipping along. But rather then debating on the merits of cycling... they are already living it. These are all real people, not glamourous models posing for photo which u find in magazines. I hope they inspire you to look further, closer at our enviroment and keep on cycling!

Note: these photos are all contributed by the Lovecyclingsg team. Pls msg me if u see related stuff. I will add them here too.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lifesaver card by Lifecycle

Screen grab from

This is a community project by lifecycle for cyclists. The idea is to have a card that can provide clear and concise information to the paramedics when the cyclist is injured, esp when not able to respond or unconscious. 
As we do the regular LCSG rides, we do get our fair share of accidents. Some preventable, some not. One thing for certain is that the quick information on the injured is very important so that the correct treatment is administered. So if u like to have a personalised version, fill in the details and send it to lifecycle or just download and printout a few to keep inside the bicycle pouch.  Touch wood and I hope we never have to use it. But when it is needed, u will be very glad you took the time to fill in the details and read this short short blog entry :)  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Boxing mr AM

Boxing mr AM by taiwoon
Boxing mr AM, a photo by taiwoon on Flickr.
ok.... now how the hell I get Mr AM into the cardboard box... anyone?

 Yes, this is cool.. but can I do it with out removing the rear D?

Made in USA ? Really?

Ever wondered if the label on your bike says "made in USA"...what does it mean?  In the increasingly competitive world of bicycles, where branding matters and the lowest pricing pushes the manufacturers to their edge.  Many brands resort to hiding the real manufacturing origins under many layers of fluff. Read more on this super informative article referred to me by Vincent Lee
Moulton, made in UK

Sunday, February 19, 2012

LCSG @ ISUDA Bikeshare location 19th Feb 2012

19th Feb2012 LCSG_Isuda portdown rd, a set on Flickr. << full photos here.
Today for sunday ride, we visited Francis Chu ISUDA Singapore Bikeshare location at Fusionopolis.  Francis Chu is a real trail blazer in Singapore cycling scene and he has a big dream to make cycling an integral part of SG lifestyle. I have known him about 4 years starting from my time at Philips Design. Quiet, friendly and alway helpful to get people onto cycling and bikes. This is his biggest project, ISUDA. I will spare u the full details but do pop by the website and help share the infor around.
We tested the bikes and helped Francis do a shake down on the equipement. Nothing broke and all was good to go.  Good informative sharing by Francis who told the group why he is doing it and with the nodding heads, I feel that we are on something really meaningful and cool here. The folks that was present clearly understood and believed in the cycling possibilities in Singapore. Not just for Sunday rides but as a mode of transport, commuting from places to places.  
Growling stomaches made me cut short the Portdown road and head to Ghim moh food market. Again we raised eyebrowns with so many bicycles.  Having a nice breakfast brought back the smiles and we proceed along the PCN toward International Business park.  Some more adventurous carried on toward bukit batok, CCK and punggol... to Changi village!! Not me and I u-Turned reaching IBP and made our way back to Fusionopolis. 
Overall a nice and cooling ride with lots of laughter. Till the next week end!