Sunday, February 19, 2012

LCSG @ ISUDA Bikeshare location 19th Feb 2012

19th Feb2012 LCSG_Isuda portdown rd, a set on Flickr. << full photos here.
Today for sunday ride, we visited Francis Chu ISUDA Singapore Bikeshare location at Fusionopolis.  Francis Chu is a real trail blazer in Singapore cycling scene and he has a big dream to make cycling an integral part of SG lifestyle. I have known him about 4 years starting from my time at Philips Design. Quiet, friendly and alway helpful to get people onto cycling and bikes. This is his biggest project, ISUDA. I will spare u the full details but do pop by the website and help share the infor around.
We tested the bikes and helped Francis do a shake down on the equipement. Nothing broke and all was good to go.  Good informative sharing by Francis who told the group why he is doing it and with the nodding heads, I feel that we are on something really meaningful and cool here. The folks that was present clearly understood and believed in the cycling possibilities in Singapore. Not just for Sunday rides but as a mode of transport, commuting from places to places.  
Growling stomaches made me cut short the Portdown road and head to Ghim moh food market. Again we raised eyebrowns with so many bicycles.  Having a nice breakfast brought back the smiles and we proceed along the PCN toward International Business park.  Some more adventurous carried on toward bukit batok, CCK and punggol... to Changi village!! Not me and I u-Turned reaching IBP and made our way back to Fusionopolis. 
Overall a nice and cooling ride with lots of laughter. Till the next week end! 

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